Winchester® Supreme Elite® - .308 Win. 150gr XP3™ 20/Box

Product Number: WNSXP308
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• Caliber: .308 Winchester
• Grain: 150gr
• Bullet: XP3™
• Muzzle Velocity: 2825 fps
• 20 Rounds per Box

The new XP3® bullet starts with a 2-stage expansion design, then combines all the best-known bullet technology into one bullet. It delivers precision accuracy, awesome knockdown power, and deep penetration all in one package -- and it's as effective on thin-skinned game, like deer and antelope, as it is on tough game, like elk, moose, bear, and African animals, at short and long ranges. The XP3® is the closest thing to a perfect hunting bullet you can buy!

Winchester developed the XP3 bullet and introduced it in several cartridges in 2006. The Winchester XP3 starts with a design that separates the front of the bullet from the rear lead core with a web of copper jacket material that mechanically locks the bullet together.

In addition, a bonded rear lead core locks the lead to the jacket. The bonding allows the lead to stay with the jacket during impact, resulting in nearly 100 percent weight retention and more energy deposited on target in most situations. The patent pending design yields a unique two-stage expansion at both the front and in the body of the bullet, resulting in massive knockdown power on a variety of game sizes. The XP3 bullet is deep penetrating and allows significant expansion in lighter, thin-skinned game like antelope and deer.

The bullet is also topped with a polymer tip that significantly increases the ballistic coefficient, improving down range performance. It also helps produce consistent expansion of the XP3 bullet at a wide range of velocities and prevents damage when loaded and unloaded in the rifle. A boattail design on the rear of the bullet improves accuracy and increases performance.

The final step in the production of XP3 is to coat it with Winchester’s proprietary Lubalox® coating. This coating helps reduce barrel fouling for improved accuracy over long shooting sessions.

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