Federal Fusion® Component Handgun Bullet - .38 cal .357" 180gr 50/Box

Product Number: FAFB357F1
Item Price: $13.99
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Shipping Weight: 0.00 lb.

• Caliber: .38 cal
• Diameter: .357"
• Grain: 180gr
• Type: Soft Point Boat-Tail
• 50 Bullets per Box

Fusion® Component Bullets: Not Just Factory-Loaded Fun Anymore
Fusion's following has now created a demand for component bullets. Those hunters that load their own want to be able to utilize these reliable, advanced and affordable projectiles. In response to this, we offer an initial lineup that includes popular bullet weights and diameters for rifle and handgun hunters. Take the power of Fusion ammunition and capture it in your very own hunting loads with these tough boat-tailed bullets

Why Fusion is Better:

    • It has an inseparable jacket for high weight retention
    • It's pre-programmed for optimum expansion
    • It beats conventional bullets and is priced right
    • It's based on the latest in deer bullet technology

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