CVA Cleaning Brush .54 Cal

Product Number: CVAC1463B
Item Price: $2.49
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.06 lb.

  • Loop through ferrule design won't pull off.
  • Makes cleaning quicker and easier
  • Wire cleaning brush to loosen the toughest fouling
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      Product Title In Stock Pricing
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    CVAC1556B CVA Rapid Loader - Red .50 Cal (3-Pack) In Stock   $3.99
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    CVDS102S CVA Z-2 Alloy Scope Rail Base - Silver In Stock   $12.99
    CVDS103B CVA Durasight Z2 Alloy Scope Rail Bases T/C Omega and Encore - Blued In Stock   $12.99
    CVAC1447 CVA Shooting Patches .50 -.58 Cal (100 Patches) In Stock   $2.99
    CVAC1670 CVA Slick Breech Plug/ Nipple Grease In Stock   $4.49
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