Laserlyte Modern Laser Pointer & Pen

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This Modern Laser Pointer integrates laser pointer technology with Fisher Space Pen high-tech ink, a defensive tool and all in one compact and convenient instrument. This versatile and multi-functional tool easily stows in a pocket, backpack or purse. Utilize the tool's precision writing instrument or easily point out important details during a presentation with its laser pointer. In an emergency the LaserLyte Modern Laser Pointer can be used for self-defense.

The Modern Laser Pointer is constructed from 6061 T6 high-strength aerospace aluminum and features a Mil-Spec black anodized finish. The class IIIA laser pointer is powered by two A76 batteries that provide two hours of constant on run time. To activate the laser simply press down on the pen's clip. The laser works while attached to the ink pen, or independently, making it an extremely versatile device.

Manufactured with a Fisher Space Pen, this top-notch fine black ink pen contains thixotropic ink, which writes smoothly in zero gravity, severe cold and heat from -30° to 250° F, underwater or even in space. Replaceable pressurized ink cartridge continuously feeds ink to the tungsten carbide ball, which allows the pen to write at any angle, even upside down. A stainless steel, precision-machined socket prevents leaks and oozing, yet delivers uniform ink flow. The ink also lasts three times longer than traditional pens, will not dry out before 100 years and is made in the USA. Fisher Space Pens were first taken on the 1968 Apollo 7 space mission after two years of extensive NASA testing. For additional information about Fisher Space Pens and to purchase pen refills, visit


  • Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw
  • Laser module: 650nm
  • Batteries: 2-A76 batteries
  • Battery Life: 2 hours constant on
  • Material: 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Pen: Fisher Space Pen, fine point black ink
  • Weight: 2 oz., 20 g
  • Length Max./Dia. Min./Dia. Height: 5.5 in./.62 in./.38 in., 21.59mm/ 10.67mm/ 25.40mm
  • Range at Night: 500 yd., 457.2 m

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