Flambeau Feather Flex Love Triangle Decoy Set

Product Number: FVSF00857
Item Price: $49.99
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Shipping Weight: 1.77 lbs.

Feather Flex decoys are the most lightweight, collapsible and hunter friendly decoys on the market. Combine their portability with extreme realism and you have a highly effective decoy. The Love Triangle includes both an Aggressive and a Passive Jake, plus a hen provide everything a hunter many need depending on the time of year and aggressiveness of the birds in your area.

Create an irresistible scene for any gobbler. The Love Triangle flock will attract even the most wary Toms to your decoys. By incorporating "AJ" the Aggressive Jake, "PJ" our Passive Jake and our Three Position Hen decoy, you can match the mood and mating habits of turkeys in any given area. Realistic feather patterns and true-to-life color. Set includes 3 lightweight polyethylene foam decoys. Multiple set-up options The Three Position Hen can be used in the standing, feeding or breeding position with the "AJ" Aggressive Jake decoy, "PJ" the Passive Jake decoy, will add a calming effect to your spread and is excellent at attracting mature, subordinate Toms, "AJ" the Aggressive Jake decoy used with the Hen provides the ultimate set-up for attracting mature dominant Toms.

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