3D-2Piece Pants, Jacket, Mask & Hood

Product Number: MJMW8050802X
Item Price: $73.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs.

No flat piece of fabric, regardless of the pattern printed on it, is as effective as the depth of “3-D Leafy Material” and the shadows created by that dimension. “3-D Leafy Material” also gently ripples with movement of the air...just like the foliage of the woods. The leaf cut of “3-D Leafy Material” is constructed to move at the same frequency as surrounding vegetation. The static and in motion, closely resembles the look of real leaves.

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MJMW805081SM Mirage Wear - 2 Piece 3D Suit Adv Timber - S/MD In Stock   $65.49
MJMWFSAT1 Mirage Wear - 2 Piece with Mask & Hood Adv Timber - S/MD In Stock   $57.49

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