C'Mere Deer - Gallon Ready to Use

Product Number: QV00001
Item Price: $12.99
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Shipping Weight: 10.26 lbs.

Do Not Dilute! Apply a mist or pour C'Mere Deer® directly on the food source or at the location desired to attract deer. Can be used to soak corn, wheat or acorns for up to 48 hrs. prior to application. Also works as an excellent cover scent when sprayed on hunting clothing, deer stand ladder or shooting blind

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QV00003 C'Mere Deer - 1 Gallon Jug Powder In Stock   $14.99
QV00028 C'Mere Deer - 1.33 Gallon Sprayer Buck Juice In Stock   $16.99
QV00005 C'Mere Deer - 1/2 Gallon Concentrate In Stock   $16.99
QV00012 C'Mere Deer Airborn Spray 16oz. In Stock   $9.99
QV00026 C'Mere Deer - 2 Gallon 3 Day Harvest In Stock   $20.49
QV00009 C'Mere Deer - 2 Gallon Jug Powder In Stock   $28.99
QV00029 C'Mere Deer - 40 oz Buck Juice Concentrate In Stock   $12.99
QV00013 C'Mere Deer Buck Gravy 40z. In Stock   $12.99
QV00004 C'Mere Deer - Quart Concentrate In Stock   $13.49

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