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QN2231VP250 BVAC 223 REM 55Gr FMJ 250 Rounds - Once Fired Brass Out $118.49  $99.99
QN2232VP250 BVAC 223 REM 55Gr PSP 250 Rounds - Once Fired Brass Out   $113.98
QN2238VP250 BVAC 223 REM 62 Gr FMJ 250 Rounds - Once Fired Brass Out   $128.49
QN22311VP2 BVAC Remington 223 62gr Steel Penetrating 250 Rounds Out   $148.99

BXR30846 5.56 x 45mm 69gr OTM BT PRECISIO Out   $27.49
BXR30848 5.56 x 45mm 85gr OTM BT PRECISIO Out   $27.99

Loaded Ammunition

BX21520 Barnes® VOR-TX® Centerfire Rifle - .223 Rem. 55gr TSX-FB 20/Box In Stock $27.99  $25.99

Speer Lawman Ammunition

For over thirty years shooters have trusted Speer Lawman Ammo. With a standard brass case, great CCI primers Speer Totally Metal Jacketed (TMJ) or conventional full metal jacketed bullets, todays Lawman is a great value. Perfect for those times when you don't need and expensive hollow point bullet, like training or target practice. For indoor ranges there's Lawman Clean Fire Patented Cleanr Fire priming and Speer TMJ Bullets virtually eliminate airborne lead, barium and antimony at the firing point. Since Lawman Clean Fire has the same bullet weight and velocity as regular Lawman and Gold Dot loads, recoil and point of impact are the same for realistic training. 50/Box

CC24459BK CCI Speer 5.56x45mm LC 55gr FMJ 1000/Box Out   $501.99
CC24459 CCI Speer LE Lawman 5.56 55gr Rifle Ammo FMJ 20/BX LAWMAN Out   $14.99

Ammunition - 223 Remington

CBDPX2235320 COR-BON 223 Rem 53 gr DPX 20/box In Stock   $34.99

DT22377M20 Double Tap 223 Rem 77gr Nosler HPBT Match 20 Rounds Out   $26.49
DT22340BT Double Tap 223 Rem 40gr Nosler Ballistic Tip 50 Rounds In Stock   $63.49
DT22362FMJ Double Tap 223 Remington 62gr FMJ Ballistic Tip 50 Rounds/Box In Stock   $52.99
DT22362S20 Double Tap 223 Rem 62gr SS109 FMJ-BT 20 Rounds Out   $26.49

DT22362SFMJ Doubletap Ammunition 223 Remington 62 Grain Penetrator Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Box of 50 Out   $52.99


DT22377M Doubletap .223 Remington 77gr. HPBT Match 50rds. Out   $59.99

FAAE223100 .223 55 GR FMJ 100 BAG Out   $74.69
FAAE223BL5AC 223 55GR FMJ CAN 500 Out   $275.13

FAXM193H Federal 5.56 55gr FMJ NPP 20 Rounds/Box Out   $15.71
FAXM855LPC12 American Eagle 5.56 NATO Green Tip 62gr FMJ Mini Ammo Can Out $69.99  $49.99
FAXM855B12 5.56 62GR FMJ GREEN TIP 1200 PK Out $719.86  $599.99
FAXM855B6 5.56 62GR FMJ GREEN TIP 600 PK Out $358.04  $299.99
FAXM855AF90 M855 5.56 NATO 62 gr FMJ Green Tip 90 Round Box Out $46.09  $38.49
FAXM855B9 5.56 62GR FMJ GREEN TIP 900 PK Out $540.04  $449.99

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