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AP11324 3X Mag Magnifier Module Only In Stock   $620.00
AP12071 3x Mag Twist Mount Spacer Out   $821.00

AP11419 Aimpoint 9000L 2 MOA Red Dot Sight w/Rings In Stock   $436.00

AP11417 9000SC 2MOA with Rings Out   $436.00
AP11407 9000SC 4MOA with Rings In Stock   $436.00

AP200174 ACO CARBINE OPTIC 2 MOA 30MM In Stock   $393.00
AP200170 AIMPOINT MICRO T-2 Out   $761.00

AP11421 CompC3 MOA 30mm Sights In Stock   $460.00
AP11408 CompM3 2MOA No Mount 30 Sights In Stock   $616.00
AP11403 Aimpoint CompM3 4MOA No Mount 30 Sights In Stock   $602.99
AP12309 CompM4 No Mount 30mm Sight In Stock   $780.00

AP11972 COMPM4 QRP2 MOUNT 30MM SIGHTS In Stock   $846.00
AP12308 CompM45 No Mount 30mm Sight In Stock   $780.00
AP12172 CompM4s with QRP2 Mount 30mm Sight In Stock   $846.00

AP11416 CompML3 2MOA No Mounts 30mm Sight In Stock   $553.00
AP11405 Aimpoint CompML3 4MOA No Mount 30 Sights In Stock   $541.49

AP12239 Aimpoint Kilflash filter for 1x Comp Sights Out   $42.00

AP12223 Lens Cover Flip Up Front Black In Stock   $19.00

AP12224 Lens Cover Flip-Up Rear Black Out   $19.00

AP12462 Lens Cover Flip-Ip Front Integral ARD In Stock   $60.00
AP12437 Pistol Mount for Micro Sight for Glock In Stock   $60.00
AP12358 Micro Space Hi 39mm AR15/M4 Carbine Out   $70.00
AP11830 Micro T-1 4MOA Standard Mount In Stock   $705.00

AP200158 MICROH-1 2 MOA LRP MNT 39MM SPCR In Stock   $709.00
AP200073 MICROT-1 2 MOA LRP MNT 39MMSPACE In Stock   $801.00

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