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BC40202A Butler Creek 30mm Flip Open Black Red Dot Tactical Scope Cover In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC40303 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 03 OBJ Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC41011 Butler Creek 10-11 Tactical 1-Piece Scope Cover In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC41314 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 13-14 Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC41618 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 16-18 Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC41920 Butler Creek Tactical Scopecover 19-20 Red Dot Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC42527 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 25-27 Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC42829 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 28-29 Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC43334 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 33-34 Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC44344 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 43-44 Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99
BC44647 Butler Creek Tactical Scope Cover Size 46-47 Black In Stock $14.49  $11.99

BC17001 BC CAMO BINOC STRAP In Stock   $10.23
BC16122 BINO CADDY WEBBING In Stock   $12.71

BC41601 Butler Creek Sidewinder Dual Axis Optic Cover Eyepiece In Stock $15.49  $12.49
BC41600 Butler Creek Sidewinder Dual Axis Optic Cover Objective In Stock $15.49  $12.49

Bikini Scope Covers

Bikini Scope Covers are simple and effective. Soft, pliable rubber cups protect optics and seal out moisture. Stretch bands secure the cups to scope ends, then snap cups free with the flick of a wrist. Designed for the economy-minded sportsman who wants simple, single-piece scope protection, Bikini Scope Covers cost less than competitive brands and fit all popular models and makes of telescopic sights. One size fits all helps you manage your inventory.

BC19000 Butler Creek Bikini Scope Cover In Stock $8.79  $5.99

Bino Buddy

BC16112 Butler Creek Bin Buddy Strap/ Cover /Body Strap In Stock   $16.99
BC16123 Butler Creek Bino Caddy Elastic In Stock   $12.99

Bino Gloves

Quality, extra thick neoprene provides protection to the prisms, lenses and adjustment mechanisms in your favorite binoculars.

BC19202 Butler Creek Bino Gloves Porro Medium Black Out   $17.92
BC19201 Butler Creek Bino Gloves Porro Small Black In Stock   $16.62
BC19301 Butler Creek Bino Glove Roof Small Black In Stock   $16.62

Butler Creek Blizzard Scope Cover Center

Excellent See-Thru Optical Grade Covers

This display system provides a perfect assortment of the 11 sizes of Blizzard covers. The merchandiser is designed for your counter top or to hang on your pegboard or slat wall. Blizzard scope covers are the finest see-thru scope covers available. you can choose to offer Clear and/or Yellow Optical Grade Lenses that spring up and out of the way.

BC72001 Butler Creek 50-Piece Blizzard Kit Clear In Stock   $249.99

Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Covers

Custom Fitted for Maximum Protection

For eye and objective lens covers to fit your particular scope, consult the Scope Cover Size Chart on the following pages. Find your scope model, then refer to the catalog number listed with it from the list below. For scope models not listed on the scope size chart, measure the outside diameter of the eye & objective ends of the scope. Select the eye/obj that is closest to your measurement from the list below.

BC20149 Butler Creek #14 Eye Flip- Open Cover Bulk In Stock   $1,000.00
BC16EYE Butler Creek #20160 #16 Scope Cover Eye In Stock $9.49  $6.99
BC03AOBJ Butler Creek #30030 #03A Scope Cover Obj In Stock $9.49  $6.99

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