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BQ15017 B-Square Mossberg 1500 In Stock   $8.33
BQ14011 B-Square Ruger 10/22 Heavy Barrel Base STS In Stock   $31.87
BQ14013 B-Square Ruger 10/22 Standard Barrel Base STS In Stock   $31.88
BQ16089 B-Square Savage/ Stevens 67 Pump In Stock   $41.67
BQ12104 B-Square Sig 226 9mm Auto STS with Rings In Stock   $52.92
BQ12406 B-Square Smith & Wesson 5906 Blue In Stock   $45.31
BQ12890 B-Square Super Redhawk 7 1/2 Blue with Rings In Stock   $46.41
BQ15003 B-Square Universal Base N In Stock   $8.98

DT Series Sport Rings

The DT series is a full line of detachable rings compatible with any standard dovetail Weaver base. This series is manufactured from lightweight aluminum and has heavy duty 1/8" wall thickness per side, totaling 1/4" of metal structure to support a rifle scope.

BQ21524 B-Square DT Series Sport Rings In Stock   $16.63
BQ21515 B-Square DT Series Sport Rings In Stock   $16.63

FN-FAL/LAR/L1-A1 Mount

Replaces gun's dust cover and clamps to receiver for rigid, no movement mounting. Includes High See-Thru rings.

BQ18500 B-Square FN-FAL/LAR Blue with Rings In Stock   $41.99

Front Sight Tool

Front Sight Adjustable Tool adjusts dovetail sights without hammering or damage. Two hardened posts opposite a pusher ramextend or retract by turning a screw.

BQT1100 B-Square Font Sight Tool Out   $61.79

Heckler & Koch M91/93/94/MP-5 Mount

Snap over the gun's reciever and locsk with a single knob. Quickly installed and removed without zero change. Now with strengthened sideplates and clamp knobs. Interlock rings.

BQ18513 B-Square Heckler & Koch M91/93/94/MP-5 Mount with Rings In Stock   $75.99

Heckler & Koch Mounts

Fits H&K Models 300, 630, 770, 940, SL-6, SL-7 (higher Rings). Secured by two thumb screws and can be quickly removed and installed without zero change. Interlock rings.

BQ14300 B-Square Heckler & Koch 300 Dovetail with Rings In Stock   $48.99

M1-A / M-14 Receiver Mount

See-under type mount. Attaches to gun's tapped mounting hole. Quick on-off with single knob attachment. Elevation adjustment to help align scopes. (Not Poly-Tech)

BQ18514 B-Square Dovetail Mount M1A/M14 with Rings In Stock   $75.99

MAK-90/Ak-47 Mounts

Attaches using steel trigger bolt and hammer bolt (supplied with mount). Does not need to be removed for cleaning. Folding stocks need modifications. Interlock rings.

BQ18600 B-Square MAK-90/Ak-47 Receiver Dovetail Blue with Rings In Stock   $41.99

Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

BQT0045 B-Square Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set In Stock $24.79  $21.99

Receiver and LER Mounts

No gunsmithing or rework required. The mount replaces the rear sight leaf of the gun and has elevation adjustment, so any pistol scope can be used. The mount is easy to install and remove without changing arsenal condition. Complete with 1 inch rings. Standard dovetail base.

BQ18561 B-Square Mauser 98 Sight Base with Rings In Stock   $25.49

Rifle Bases

Two-piece bases allow easier cartridge loading access. One-piece bases provide greater rigidity and a parallel platform on hand-worked actions. Lynx by B-Square bases are made of lightweight steel machined from solid bar stock. The studs locking the rings to the bases withstand shock forces of more than 4,400 lbs.

BQC1819H B-Square Rifle Bases In Stock   $22.99
BQC3042 B-Square Rifle Bases In Stock   $12.99

Ruger MK I/II .22 Mounts

Easy on and off with the no zero change. Not a full length Rib mount. The Ruger Mk-I/II .22 Auto Dovetail See Under mount. Has a standard dovetail base and slides on to the receiver. Fits all Ruger-Mk-I/II, .22, and .22/45 Models. Pre-drilled receiver only.

BQ42878 B-Square Ruger MK I/II .22 Mounts In Stock   $25.49
BQ42877 B-Square Ruger MK I/II .22 Mounts In Stock   $25.49

Ruger Mini-14 Mounts

Ruger Mini-14 that installs by replacing the bolt stop cover plate on the 181 and later series rifles. The new mount attaches by a single knob to the threaded cover plate. It is quick on and off and the gun's sights can be used with the scope installed.

BQ14502 B-Square Ruger Mini 14 Dovetail with Rings Blue In Stock   $75.99
BQ14506 B-Square Ruger Mini-14 Dovetail with Rings STS Out   $75.99

Ruger Redhawk / Super Redhawk Mount

Attaches to gun's rear sight screw hole and clamps onto the barrel.

BQ42901 B-Square Ruger Redhawk / Super Redhawk Mount   $53.08

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