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Dvorak Soft Shades

Will not transmit stress to scope if accidentally bumped.
- Reduces heat shimmer for improved accuracy.
- Eliminates unwanted reflection from the optics.
- Reduces sun glare for improved target definition.

DKSS38MM Devorak Soft Shade 38mm (.54-1.69") In Stock   $18.49
DKSS44MM Devorak Soft Shade 44mm (1.77-1.92") In Stock   $18.49
DKSS49MM Devorak Soft Shades 48mm (1.97-2.12) In Stock   $18.49
DKSS55MM Devorak Soft Shade 55mm (2.21-2.36") In Stock   $18.49
DKSS59MM Devorak Soft Shade 59mm (2.36-2.56") In Stock   $18.49

Dvorak Soft-Eyes

Protect the aiming eye from recoil. Collapsible bellows act as a soft cushion between the scope and your eye.
- Speeds up target acquisition by quickly locating the aiming eye.
- Relieves eyestrain and reduces distraction from the target.
- Gives extra shooting time in low light conditions.

DKSE37MM Devorak Ang Soft Eye 37-40mm (1.46-1.57") In Stock   $18.49
DKSE40MM Devorak Ang Soft Eyes 40-43mm (1.57-1.69) Out   $18.49
DKSE43MM Devorak Ang Soft Eyes 43-47mm (1.70-1.85") In Stock   $18.49
DKSE31MM Devorak STR Soft Eye 31-34mm (1.22"-1.34") In Stock   $18.49
DKSE34MM Devorak STR Soft Eyes 34-37mm (1.34-1.46") In Stock   $18.49

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