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7977 Powder

DU79771 7977 1# BOTTLE IMR ENDURON RIFLE Out   $27.99
DU79778 7977 8# BOTTLE IMR ENDURON RIFLE In Stock   $199.99

800X Powder

DU800X1 IMR Powder 800X 1 # Bottle Hi Skor Pistol/ Shotgun Out   $19.49
DU800X4 IMR Powder 800X 4 # Caddie Hi Skor Pistol/ Shotgun Out   $73.99
DU800X8 IMR Powder 800X 8# Hi Skor Pistol/ Shotgun Out   $139.49

8208 Powder

DU82088 IMR Powder IMR 8208 XBR 8 lb Keg In Stock   $182.99
DU82081 IMR Powder IIMR 8208 XBR 1 lb Bottle Out   $25.49

Hi-Score 700X Double Base Powder

Specifically designed for today's 12 gauge components, to give optimum ballistics at minimum charge weight (more reloads per pound of powder). Dense, easy to load, clean to handle, and loads uniformly. Recommended for clean burning, accurate target loads in .38 special and .45 ACP calibers as well as full-power loads for .45 ACP.

DU700X14 IMR Powder 700X 14 oz Bottle Hi- Skor Pistol/ Shotgun Out   $16.99
DU700X4 IMR Powder 700X 4# Caddie IMR Hi Skor Pistol/Shotgun Out   $71.99
DU700X8 IMR Powder IMR 700X 8 lb Keg Out   $136.49

PB Powder

Replaces the old DuPont MX. Produces exceptional 20 and 28 gauge target reloads; preferred by many in 12 gauge target loads. Gives 3 dram equivalent velocity at relatively low chamber pressures. Another powder for reloading a wide variety of centerfire handgun ammunition.

DUPB14 IMR Powder PB 14 oz. Bottle Pistol/ Shot Powder Out   $21.99
DUPB8 IMR Powder PB IMR 8 lb Keg Out   $183.99

SR-4756 Powder

Relatively slow burning powder recommended for 20 and 28 gauge target reloads as well as Magnum type reloads.

DU47561 IMR Powder 4756 1# Bottle SR Pistol/ Shot Powder Out   $22.99

SR-7625 Powder

For use in 12 gauge high velocity "Duck Loads" as well as for reloading a wide variety of centerfire handgun ammunition.

DU76251 IMR Powder 7625 1 # Bottle SR Pistol/Shotgun Powder Out   $25.49
DU76258 IMR Powder IMR # 7625 8 lb Keg   $186.49

Trail Boss

DUTB5 IMR Powder Trail Boss #5 Keg Cowboy Action Out   $111.49
DUTB1 IMR Powder Trail Boss 9 oz. Can Cowboy Action Out   $14.49

White Hots

DUWH5050 IMR Powder IMR White Hots In Stock   $20.49

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