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EJLG451 1911 Green Laser Most Kimber & S&W Out   $279.00

EJLG401P4 Crimson Trace 1911 Government Commader Lasergrip In Stock   $319.00
EJLG401P16 Crimson Trace 1911 Government Commander Walnut Lasergrip Out   $319.00
EJLG910 Crimson Trace 1911 Government/Commander G10 Green/Black In Stock   $359.00
EJLG401G Crimson Trace 1911 Government/Commander Lasergrip Green In Stock   $369.00
EJLG404P4 Crimson Trace 1911 Off Defend Compact Lasergrip In Stock   $319.00
EJLG911 Crimson Trace 1911 Officer Defernder Compact G10 Green In Stock   $359.00
EJLG909 Crimson Trace 1911 Officer Defender Compact Walnut In Stock   $359.00
EJLG404G Crimson Trace 1911 Officer Defend Compact Lasergrip Out   $369.00
EJLG401P14 Crimson Trace 1911 Government/Commander Chain Mail III Laser Out   $319.00
EJLG404P16 Crimson Trace 1911 Off Defend Compact Walnut Lasergrip In Stock   $319.00
EJLG404P14 Crimson Trace 1911 Off Defend Compact Chainmail III In Stock   $319.00

EJLG483 Beretta Nano Laserguard Front Activation Out   $199.00

EJLG483H Crimson Trace Beretta Nano Laserguard with S Holster In Stock   $209.00
EJLG619G Crimson Trace For Glock 19/23/25/32/28 Lasergrip Red Out   $299.00
EJLG851 For Glock 4TH GEN COMPACT 19-23 In Stock   $249.00
EJLG852 For Glock 4TH GEN SUB COMPACT 26-27 In Stock   $249.00
EJLG850 GLK 4THGEN FULLSZ 17-22-31-34-35 Out   $249.00

EJLG452 Green Laser For Glock 17-19-22-23-34&35 Out   $279.00
EJLG453 Green Laser Springfield Full XDM&XD Out   $279.00

EJLG617G Crimson Trace Green Laser for Glock Out   $299.00
EJLG437H Crimson Trace Kahr Arms CW9/CW40/P9/P40/PM9/PM40/TP9/TP40 Lasergrip Out   $209.00
EJLG435H Crimson Trace Keltec PF9 Laserguard with M Holster In Stock   $209.00
EJLG408 Crimson Trace Kimber Solo Lasergrip In Stock   $299.00

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