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Outside Neck Turner Accessories

FPHOTP224 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .224 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP243 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .243 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP257 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .257 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP264 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .264 Out   $11.49
FPHOTP277 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .277 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP284 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .284 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP308 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .308 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP338 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .338 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP358 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .358 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP458 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .458 In Stock   $11.49
FPHOTP510 Forster Hand Outside Neck Pilot .510 In Stock   $11.49
FPONT417 Forster .17 caliber Carbide Cutter for Outside Neck Turner In Stock   $16.49


Snap in and out die change. Change from sizer to seater in two seconds!
- Positive spent primer catcher. All spent primers and carbon pass through a tube and into a container. All working parts are kept free from dirt and abrasives.
- Floating guide rods. Perfect alignment is ensured with floating guide rod.
- Long life. There is no torque on the head of the CO-AX. Due to design of the linkage and pivots, all forces are in equilibrium whether at maximum work load or at rest.
- Powerful mechanical advantage. The CO-AX has three times the M.A. of the ordinary "C" press. Full length sizing may be accomplished by operating the handle with your little finger!
- Perfect alignment of die and case is assured. The shell holder jaws are designed to float with the die, permitting the case to center in the die.
- The CO-AX has an abundance of working room for either right or left hand operators. No frame supports or swinging primer arms to interfere.
- Accepts any standard 7/8"x14 reloading die, some with existing rings.
- Unique top priming device seats primers to factory specifications. The seater is always at right angles to the case head. Primers will not flip or tip. They will be seated straight, level and at a uniform distance below the case head. Primers cannot be crushed, nor will they protrude from the case head and cause premature firing.
- Top of the stroke provides a rock solid stop for consistency.

FP028271 Forster Co-Ax Press With S Jaws Out   $296.99

Priming Tools

FP011521 Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Press Primer Seater Tube Large Out   $74.99

Shell holders

FP001251 Forster Co-Ax Jaw Type LS Shell Holder In Stock   $27.99
FP001231 Forster Co-Ax Jaw Type S Shell Holder In Stock   $27.99

Stuck Case Remover

FPSC1000 Forster Stuck Case Remover Out   $20.99

Universal Hollow Pointer

Assembled round can be hollow pointed for increased expansion on impact. This accessory is used on the Case Trimmer and can handle factory or hand loaded cartridges. The large drill size is recommended for pistol cartridges: the small drill for rifle cartridges.

Shown on case trimmer.

FPHP16 Forster Hollow Pointer 1/16 In Stock   $17.49
FPHP8 Forster Hollow Pointer 1/8 In Stock   $17.49

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