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JF39976 .32CAL .312DIA 83GR HBWC 1000BX Out   $63.99
JF95022 .38/357CAL .357DIA 125GR FP 250B In Stock   $25.49
JF83330 .38/357CAL .357DIA 158GR HP 250B Out   $31.89
JF68188 .38/357CAL 357DIA 148GR DEWC 250 In Stock   $28.99
JF68611 .40/10MM CAL 401DIA 135GRRS 250B Out   $27.99
JF00205 .41CAL .410 210GR FP 500/BOX In Stock   $65.09
JF00206 .44 CAL .429 220GR FP 500/BX In Stock   $66.59
JF00208 .44CAL .429DIA 240GR HP 500CT Out   $73.39

JF00209 .45CAL .452 185GR FP 500/BX In Stock   $57.19

JF00212 .45CAL .452 200GR FP 500/BX Out   $60.49
JF00216 .45CAL .452DIA 230GR RD 500CT In Stock   $59.99
JF00217 .45CAL .452DIA 250GR FP LC 500CT In Stock   $73.49
JF86968 32CAL .312DIA 83GR DEWC 250BOX Out   $19.99
JF84525 38/357CAL 357DIA 158GR FPDS 250B In Stock   $30.49
JF75727 380CAL .356CAL 100GR RNHB 1000BX In Stock   $71.99
JF67767 380CAL .56DIA 100GR RNFB 250BOX In Stock   $21.99
JF72953 40/10MMCAL 401DIA 155GR FP 1000B In Stock   $105.19
JF84477 45CAL 452DIA 185GR HBRNDS 250BX In Stock   $37.49
JF00211 45CAL 452DIA 185GR SWC 500/BX Out   $55.49
JF75546 45CAL 452DIA 200GR FP 250BX In Stock   $37.49
JF19584 9MM .356 124GR FP 1000/BX Out   $79.09

JF00335 9MM .356DIA 124GR HPFPTP 250/BOX In Stock   $27.49

JF76848 9MMCAL .356DIA 124GRRNDS 250BOX In Stock   $24.49
JF74030 9MMCAL .356DIA 147GR RN 250BX In Stock   $28.49

Handgun Bullets - .312 Diameter

JF99586 Berry's Manufacturing 32 Cal (.312 Dia.) 71gr RN 250/Box Out   $20.89

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