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Kick's High Flyer

Duck, Goose, and then some - the hunter's (choice) choke ideal for steel shot/ waterfowl and upland game!

The conical parallel design improves patterns, (less flyers) and the diagonal ports reduce muzzle jump for denser, faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

KKHFREM10765 Kick's Remington 10 Gauge High Flyer Modified .765 In Stock   $54.99
KKHFREM10755 Kick's Remington 10 Gauge High Flyer X-Full .755 In Stock   $54.99
KKHFREM710 Kick's Remington High Flyer Full .710 In Stock   $52.99
KKHFREM722 Kick's Remington High Flyer Improved Cylinder .722 In Stock   $52.99
KKHFREM717 Kick's Remington High Flyer Modified .717 In Stock   $52.99
KKHFREM702 Kick's Remington High Flyer X-Full .702 Out   $52.99
KKHFSBEII702 Kick's S/Black Eagle II High Flyer Full .702 Out   $54.99
KKHFSBEII718 Kick's S/Black Eagle II High Flyer Improved Cylinder .718 Out   $54.99
KKHFSBEII710 Kick's S/Black Eagle II High Flyer Modified .710 Out   $54.99
KKHFTC710 Kick's Tru-Choke High Flyer Full .710 Out   $52.99
KKHFTC720 Kick's Tru-Choke High Flyer Improved/ Cylinder .720 In Stock   $52.99
KKHFTC715 Kick's Tru-Choke High Flyer Modified .715 Out   $52.99
KKHFTC705 Kick's Tru-Choke High Flyer X-Full .705 Out   $52.99
KKHFWIN716 Kick's Winchester High Flyer Full .716 Out   $52.99
KKHFWIN728 Kick's Winchester High Flyer Improved /Cylinder .728 Out   $52.99
KKHFWIN722 Kick's Winchester High Flyer Modified .722 Out   $52.99

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