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KKGTWIN10700 WIN. 10GA. GOBBLIN THUNDER .700 Out   $55.49

Kick's BuckKicker

The Buck stops here with Kick's!

Designed to control buckshot loads with more consistency than ever before. "BuckKicker" is available in several constrictions to accommodate buckshot sizes from .000 to #4 buck. They come with a m65u64yj67 6yu 64yj46 3atte black finish; General recommendations are LT Full for .000 and Full or X-Full for .00 and smaller. "BuckKicker" can also be used for upland game whenever a full choke is desired. Not for use with steel shot. With the right match of choke to your gun, consistent patterns inside a 20" circle at 40 yards can be achieved with premium copper-plated buckshot.

KKBKBERXT695 Kick's Ber. Xtrema Buck Kicker Full .695 In Stock   $55.49
KKBKBERXT700 Kick's Ber. Xtrema Buck Kicker Lt Fl .700 In Stock   $55.49
KKBKBERXT690 Kick's Ber Xtrema Buck Kicker X Full .690 In Stock   $55.49
KKBKBER685 Kick's Ber/Benelli Busk Kicker Full .685 In Stock   $52.99
KKBKBER690 Kick's Ber/Benelli Buck Kicker Lt Fl .690 In Stock   $52.99
KKBKBER680 Kick's Ber/Benelli Buck Kicker X-Fl .680 Out   $52.99
KKBKBIP700 Kick's Brn. Inv Plus Bluck Kicker Full .700 Out   $52.99
KKBKBIP710 Kick's Brn Inv. Plus Buck Kicket Lt Full .710 In Stock   $52.99
KKBKBIP690 Kick's Brn. Inv.Plus Buck Kicker X Full .690 Out   $52.99
KKBKREM695 Kick's Remington Buck Kicker Full .695 Out   $52.99
KKBKREM700 Kick's Remington Buck Kicker Lt Full .700 Out   $52.99
KKBKREM690 Kick's Remington Buck Kicker X-Full .690 Out   $52.99
KKBKSBEII680 Kick's S/Black Eagle II Buck Kicker X-Full .680 Out   $55.49
KKBKSBEII685 Kick's S/Black Eagle II Buck Kicker Full .685 In Stock   $55.49
KKBKSBEII690 Kick's S/Black II Buck Kicker Lt Full .690 Out   $55.49
KKBKWIN695 Kick's Winchester Buck Kicker Full .695 Out   $52.99
KKBKWIN700 Kick's Winchester Buck Kicker Light Full .700 In Stock   $52.99
KKBKWIN690 Kick's WInchester Buck Kicker X-Full .690 Out   $52.99

Kick's Comp-N-Choke

Tubes are totally computer (CNC) machined for precise for precise tolerances with high quality steel. The line of slot-ported chokes for hunting and competition significantly reduces felt recoil and muzzle jump, and increases pattern performance. The choke design allows gases to vent through slots, creating a brake system, which reduces recoil and gives quick recovery for the second shot. The slots also slow the wad, allowing the shot column to exit the choke to exit the choke without the wad driving into it. Roll-marked for quick identification; Another benefit is its easy field installation, no special wrench is required. Normally it can be removed by hand, if not, any object that will fit the holes in the end will work.

KKTBER658 Kick's Ber/Bennelli Turkey Comp-N-Choke .658 In Stock   $52.99
KKTBER668 Kick's Ber/Bennelli Turkey Comp-N-Choke .668 Out   $52.99
KKTBIP640 Kick's Browning Invector Plus Turkey Comp-N-Choke .640 Out   $52.99
KKTBIP670 Kick's Browning Invector Plus - Turkey Comp-N-Choke .670 In Stock   $52.99
KKTBIP680 Kick's Browning Invector Plus - Turkey Comp-N-Choke .680 Out   $52.99
KKTMOSS670 Kick's Mossberg 835 Turkey Comp-N-Choke .670 In Stock   $56.99

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