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Decapper & Base Sets

Easily removes crimped-in primers fro military cases. Guaranteed unbreakable.

LEE90022 Easy X Expander/Decapper .223 Remington/5.56x45 In Stock   $2.49
LEE90103 Lee 22 Caliber Decapper & Base In Stock   $5.99
LEE90102 Lee 30 Caliber Decapper & Base In Stock   $5.99

Lee Loader Kits

Everything needed to load one caliber is included. Deprimes, sizes the neck to hold a new bullet, reprimes, charges and seats a new bullet. This tool is more than adequate for most shooters and is capable of producing ammunition more accurate than factory ammunition.

LEE90232 Lee Loader .223 Remington In Stock   $26.99
LEE90265 Lee Loader 22 Hornet In Stock   $26.99
LEE90235 Lee Loader 243 Winchester In Stock   $26.99
LEE90240 Lee Loader 270 Winchester In Stock   $26.99
LEE90247 Lee Loader 303 British In Stock   $26.99
LEE90245 Lee Loader 308 Winchester In Stock   $26.99
LEE90258 Lee Loader 357 Magnum In Stock   $26.99
LEE90257 Lee Loader 38 Special In Stock   $26.99
LEE90260 Lee Loader 44 Magnum In Stock   $26.99
LEE90262 Lee Loader 45 ACP In Stock   $26.99
LEE90263 Lee Loader 45 Colt In Stock   $26.99
LEE90233 Lee Loader 22/250 In Stock   $26.99
LEE90248 Lee Loader 30-06 Springfield In Stock   $26.99
LEE90244 Lee Loader 30/30 Winchester In Stock   $26.99
LEE90253 Lee Loader 30 Carbine In Stock   $26.99
LEE90264 Lee Loader 45/70 Gov't In Stock   $26.99
LEE90271 Lee Loader 6.5x55 Mauser In Stock   $26.99
LEE90243 Lee Loader 7.62x54 Russian In Stock   $26.99
LEE90242 Lee Loader 7mm Remington Mag In Stock   $26.99
LEE90254 Lee Loader 9mm Luger In Stock   $26.99

Load Master Shell Plates

LEE90085 Lee #5A Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $9.99

Lube and Sizing Kits

Standard 7/8x14 threads fit any reloading press. Bullets are pushed through the sizing die nose first so no special nose punches are needed. Sized bullets are captured in the special container.

LEE90036 Lee .225 Lube and Sizing Kit In Stock   $17.99

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