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Action and Chamber Tools

PXCH1 Pro-Shot Flexible Chamber Cleaning Tool Out   $8.99

Micro Polished Rods

PX1PS3610410 Pro-Shot 36" Shotgun (10-410 Ga.) Gun Cleaning Rod with Shotgun Patch Holder In Stock   $25.99
PX1PS1217 12" Pistol 17 Cal. Gun Cleaning Rod wih Jag and Brush Out   $22.49
PX1PS422226 Pro-Shot 42" Rifle 22 Cal. - .26 Cal. Gun Cleaning Rod In Stock   $25.49
PX1PS4227U Pro-Shot 42" Rifle 27 Cal. & Up Gun Cleaning Rod In Stock   $26.49
PX1PS3620 Pro-Shot 36" Rifle 20 Cal. Gun Cleaning Rod with .20 Cal. Jag In Stock   $24.99
PX1PS3817 Pro-Shot 38 1/2" Rifle .17 Cal. Gun Cleaning Rod with Jag Out   $26.49
PX1PS4850R Pro-Shot .50 Cal. 1 Piece Cleaning Rod 48" Working Length In Stock   $39.99
PX1PS1222U Pro-Shot 12" Pistol 22 Cal. & Up Gun Cleaning Rod In Stock   $16.49
PX1PS1227U Pro-Shot 12" Pistol .270 Cal. & Up Stainless Cleaning Rod Out   $16.79
PX1PS3627U Pro-Shot 36" Rifle .270 Cal. & Up Gun Cleaning Rod In Stock   $24.99

Pistol Bore Brushes

PX45ST Pro-Shot .45 Cal. Stainless Steel Pistol Bore Brush Out   $1.49

Police Pistol Kit

PXC22 Pro-Shot 8" Competition Pistol Kit .22 Cal. In Stock   $21.99

Pro-Shot Stainless Gun Cleaning Rods

Rods now have a mirrorlike jeweled finish that is more dense and hardened rods does not pick up and carry abrasive grit or dirt through the bore. The best type of gun cleaning rod to use. Mirrored polished hardened stainless steel will take the harsh chemical action of the new bore solvents and not deteriorate. Rugged precision threading for no wobble attachment of rod tip accessories. No adapter needed and our attachments do no get out of line with the rod, threaded #8-32 and will accept all major American Cleaning Rod Accessories. Rod rotates in handle, allowing bore brush to spiral with rifling and clean the grooves of the rifling completely. One piece rods comes in a clear plastic tube, reusable for safe rod storage. Rod length stated is actual working length. Add 4 inches for the handle.

PX2PS3610410 Pro-Shot 36" Shotgun Rod 10-410 GA. In Stock   $25.99
PX2PS37WR Pro-Shot 37" Two-Piece Rosewood Shotgun Rod Out   $31.99
PX1PS362226 Pro-Shot 36" Rifle 22 Cal. - .26 Cal. Gun Cclening Rod. In Stock   $23.99

Rod Accessories & Adaptors

PX17AD Pro-Shot 17 Cal. Adaptor-Converts # 5/40 Thread to #8/32 thread Out   $2.29
PXARCL Pro-Shot AR15 Cleaning Link Out   $13.79

Tactical/LE Line

PXMAD Pro-Shot Military #8/36 thread adapts American Standard #8/32 threads Out   $2.39

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