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QU900009 STAG SEAT ATS GREEN In Stock   $60.99

QU820000 Quake Industries The Buck Seat ATS Green In Stock   $69.95
QU500179 Quake "The Claw" Sling All Purpose Green In Stock   $27.49
QU500186 Quake "The Claw" Sling Max 1 Open Terrain Out   $27.49
QU500025 Quake "The Claw" Sling System OD Green Out   $16.49
QU500087 Quake "The Claw" Shotgun Sling System Brown In Stock   $14.49
QU50012 Quake "The Claw" Sling System Mossy Oak Out   $32.99
QU50015 Quake "The Claw" Sling System Realtree Hardwood HD In Stock   $32.99

Hush Stalker II

QU23401 Quake Hush Stalker II QR Swivel 1 Out   $6.44
QU23411 Quake Hush Stalker II QR Swivel 1-1/4" Out   $6.49

Scope Eye

Serious eye and facial injuries can result from careless, quick or off-balance shooting when using scope mounted rifles-especially with the use of an unfamiliar or big bore firearm when eye relief of the scope is not known. Most eye ends are mode of metal or hard rubber. The SCOPE EYE™ is designed to reduce the risk of injuries from such scopes. It’s made from a soft, stretchable plastic rubber material and slips directly over the scope eyepiece.

QU310013 Quake Scope Eye Rifle Scope Recoil Pad In Stock   $2.29

The Claw Sling System

QU530077 Quake "The Claw" Contour Rifle Sling AP Green Out   $27.49
QU50000 Quake "The Claw" Sling System Black Out   $19.49
QU50001 Quake "The Claw" Sling System Camo Out   $19.49

Treestand Claw Strap

QU610014 Quake Treestand Straps (Pair) Camo In Stock   $22.49

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