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Powder Measures & Accessories

The Uniflow Powder Measure has earned a reputation for accuracy and reliability for over 30 years. It throws powder charges from .5 grain of Bullseye to 110 grains ofIMR #4350 dependably and accurately. Unfortunately, two cylinders have been necessary to cover such a wide range of charges. Reloaders have been required to change cylinders when loading either very light of very heavy charges. To improve the convenience of the Uniflow Powder Measure, RCBS has modified the engineering of the cylinder and metering stem to allow accurate, consistent charges over the same range with a single cylinder and stem.

RC90225 RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure Powder Baffle In Stock   $7.49
RC09028 RCBS Uniflow Drop Tube .17-.20 Caliber In Stock   $8.99
RC09004 RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure Cylinder Assembly - Small In Stock   $34.99

Priming Tools and Accessories

RC09480 RCBS Primer Tray #2 In Stock   $5.49

Pro 2000 Die Plate

Make caliber changes quickly and easily. Leave the reloading dies set up. Eliminates the need to install and adjust dies for each reloading session.

RC88877 RCBS Extra Die Plate 2000/ PiggyBack III In Stock   $20.49

Pro 2000 Low Primer Dect Kit

RC88879 RCBS - Pro 2000 Low Primer Detector Kit In Stock   $38.99

Pro 2000 Progressive Press

- Manual indexing
- Removable die plate.
- Five reloading stations allows separate use of lube dies, and a Powder Check, or Lockout Die, or you can seat and crimp bullets separately.
- Fastest and simplest caliber conversion of any Progressive Press on the market.
- Utilizes APS¨ Priming System, the most reliable, convenient and safest available
- Optional tube priming is available.
- Larger working window for greater visibility and easy access to all stations.
- Simple Universal Case Detention System allows easy removal and insertion of cases at each station
- Self cleaning shell plate holder.
- Includes bullet tray, loaded cartridge box and empty case box.
- No special dies required, standard 7/8-14 thread.

RC88883 RCBS - Pro 2000 Auto Upgrade Kit In Stock   $122.99

Pro 2000 Tube Priming Conversion Kit

Converts Pro 2000 Press from APS priming system to common Tube Priming system.

RC88876 RCBS - Pro 2000 Tube Priming Conversion Kit Out   $127.49

Quick Change Powder Measure

RC98840 RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure In Stock   $103.99

RCBS Polishing Compound

For Sidewinder Case Tumbler

RC87069 RCBS - Polishing Compound (Package of 5) In Stock   $5.99

RCBS Turret Press

- Check it out The RCBS Turret Press
- Durable cast iron construction
- Six Station Turret Head provides the option of using a lube die in station one and seating and crimping bullets in separate operations.
- Accepts all 7/8-14" threaded dies & standard shell holders.
- Reliable tube feed priming system
- Simple operation, no complex or automated processes.
- You have complete control over every step of the process.
- The RCBS Turret Press now gives you a choice between single stage and progressive reloading.
- With dies pre-set in the turret you can increase your output from 50 to 200 Rounds per hour with the turret.
- Dies can be left in the turret to eliminate teardown and set up.

The Turret handle is also used to remove the turret head, eliminating the need for other tools. The turret head exchanges easily with the removal of one bolt. This press is covered by the RCBS Lifetime Warranty. If it ever breaks or doesn't work, we will fix it or replace it free, No time limit, no questions asked and no fine print.

RC88902 RCBS Extra Turret Head In Stock   $55.49

Reloading Accessories

RC9452 RCBS - Universal Case Loading Block In Stock $9.99  $8.49

Reloading Press Accessories

RC09114 RCBS Primer Catcher JR/RS/RC In Stock   $9.49
RC09358 RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Auto Prime In Stock   $46.49
RC709195 RCBS Rock Chucker IV Primer Arm Pin Out   $0.00
RC788212 RCBS Rock Chucker Primer Arm Out   $0.00

Reloading Presses and Kits

RC9047 RCBS AR Tactical Reloading Kit In Stock $699.99  $499.99

Rotary Case/Media Separator

In short order, separate the cleaned cases from the cleaning media. Merely empty the cases and media from the case cleaner into the separator basket. With several turns of the basket handle the media falls to the bottom of the separator, leaving the cases clean and ready to use. The fine dust from the media is trapped inside the separator. heavy-duty plastic construction for years of trouble-free service. Capacity: about 180 .30-06 cases or 400 .38 Special cases with media.

RC87076 RCBS Rotary Case/Media Separator In Stock $40.49  $34.99

Scales & Equipment Covers

A soft vinyl cover helps to preserve your equipment's accuracy, sensitivity, and repeatability

RC86881 RCBS Dust Cover for SIngle Stage Press In Stock   $10.99
RC86880 RCBS Equipment Cover for Powder Measure In Stock   $10.49

Shell Holders

RC99061 RCBS Cowboy 12 Gauge Brass Shell Holder Out   $19.49
RC99246 RCBS Shell Holder #46 In Stock   $6.99
RC99247 RCBS Shell Holder #47 In Stock   $6.99
RC99245 RCBS Shell Holder #45 5.7 X 28 Fn In Stock   $6.99
RC99241 RCBS Shell Holder for 404 Jeffery (41) Out   $6.99

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