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RCBS Precision Micrometer

The RCBS "Precision Mic" precision engineered cartridge micrometer is one of the handiest and most innovative new handloading products to come along in several years. For those handloaders seeking the best possible performance from their rifle, it provides a micrometer reading of the chamber dimension and bullet seating depth. Using a fired case the gauge gives a precise measurement of the chamber's head to shoulder dimension compared to the SAAMI recommendation. Knowing the dimension of the chamber, the handloader can then accurately set his sizing die to the best fit of cartridge to chamber. The result is not only the best performance possible with the rifle, but also longer brass life and safer loads. The micrometer function of the gauge is also applied to setting bullet seating depth at the optimum position for the best accuracy with the rifle. The gauge reads off the lands so the seating does not change with different bullet shapes. By measuring off the bearing surface of the bullet the adverse effects of variation in bullet length are minimized.

RC88340 RCBS - Precision Micrometer 7mm Remington Ultra Mag In Stock   $59.49
RC88333 RCBS - Precision Micrometer .338 Remington Ultra Mag In Stock   $59.49
RC88302 RCBS Precision Micrometer .22- .250 (.22 Varter) In Stock   $59.49
RC88304 RCBS Precision Micrometer .223 Remington In Stock   $59.49
RC88300 RCBS - Precision Micrometer .223 Wssm Out   $59.49
RC88305 RCBS Precision Micrometer .243 Winchester In Stock   $59.49
RC88307 RCBS Precision Micrometer .25-06 Out   $59.49
RC88316 RCBS Precision Micrometer .270 Winchester In Stock   $59.49
RC88315 RCBS - Precision Micrometer .270 Wsm Out   $59.49
RC88327 RCBS Precision Micrometer 300 Winchester Mag In Stock   $59.49
RC88325 RCBS Precision Micrometer .300 Wsm In Stock   $59.49
RC88324 RCBS Precision Micrometer .30-06 Springfield In Stock   $59.49
RC88329 RCBS Precision Micrometer .308 Winchester In Stock   $59.49
RC88306 RCBS Precision Micrometer 6mm Remington In Stock   $59.49
RC88319 RCBS Precision Micrometer 7mm Mag In Stock   $59.49
RC88318 RCBS - Precision Micrometer 7mm Wsm In Stock   $59.49
RC88322 RCBS Precision Micrometer 7mm-08 Remington In Stock   $59.49
RC88301 RCBS Precision Micrometer .220 Swift In Stock   $59.49
RC88308 RCBS Precision Micrometer .257 Roberts In Stock   $59.49

RCBS Premium Trigger Pull Scale

Measure the force needed for trigger release firearms. Scale is accurate to ± 2 ounces in 2 ounce increments to 8 pounds. A sliding indicator remains at the highest reading when the trigger is released, allowing accurate measurement.

RC87307 RCBS Premium Trigger Pull Scale In Stock   $40.49

RCBS Scale Check Weights

You rely on your scale for safe, accurate powder charges. Over time, accumulated grit and dust can affect accuracy. A quick test with RCBS Scale Check Weights will tell you if your scale is reading correctly. Sets include: Standard set of 60.5 grains for powder charges (2x20, 1x10, 1x5, 2x2, 1x1, 2x20, 1x10, 1x5). Deluxe set of 510.5 grains for bullets, cases and powder (1x200, 2x100, 1x50, 2x20, 1x10, 1x5, 2x2, 1x1, 1x.5, 1 forceps).

RC98992 RCBS Scale Check Weights - Deluxe Set In Stock   $56.99
RC98990 RCBS Scale Check Weights - Standard Set In Stock   $32.99

RCBS Skirmish Moulds

RC82160 RCBS Skirmish Mould .576 Hodgdon In Stock   $101.99
RC82161 RCBS Moulds Skirmish .578 Hodgdon Out   $101.99
RC82162 RCBS Mould Skirmish .580 Hodgdon In Stock   $101.99

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