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Shell Holders

RC99237 RCBS Shell Holder #37 416 Rigby In Stock   $6.99
RC99239 RCBS Shell Holder #39 .38 Super Colt In Stock   $6.99


This case tumbler cleans both inside and out. Designed exclusively for handloaders. Built-in timer shut-offs from 5 min. to 12 hrs. Quiet motor. Tilted easy-access drum rotates for through cleaning. Capacity of up to 300 .38 Sp. cases, or 150 .30-06 . 8 oz. bottle of Liquid Case Cleaner included makes up to 4 gal.

RC87000 RCBS Sidewinder Case Tumbler 120 In Stock   $493.99

Silhouette Bullet Moulds

Double Cavity Moulds

RC82152 RCBS .308 165gr Silhouette Bullet Mould In Stock   $83.99
RC82150 RCBS 7mm 145gr Silhouette Bullet Mould In Stock   $83.99
RC82153 RCBS .309 200gr Silhouette Gas Check 2-Cavity Bullet Mold In Stock   $83.99
RC82149 RCBS .264 140gr Silhouette Gas Check 2-Cavity Bullet Mold In Stock   $83.99

Standard Trigger Pull Gauge

Lets you measure the trigger pull force of any firearm. Reads grams on the left ounces on the right. Capacity 2000 grams; 72 ounces.

RC09450 RCBS Standard Trigger Pull Gauge In Stock   $25.99

Star Wheel

Optional extra Star Wheel can remain permanently attached to the Shell Plate for quicker caliber changeover.

RC88878 RCBS - Pro 2000 / PiggyBack III Star Wheel In Stock   $7.49

Stuck Case Remover

Our Stuck Case Remover extracts stuck cases from standard sizer dies without damaging the die, using a very simple two-step removal process. It's also useful for our Competition Dies or other sizer dies with a raised expander ball. Kit contains two extractor nuts and two punch rods.

RC09340 RCBS Stuck Case Remover In Stock   $19.99
RC09355 RCBS Stuck Case Remover Kit In Stock   $8.49

Trim Mate Accessories

RC90377 RCBS Dry Case Neck Lube In Stock   $2.99
RC90378 RCBS - Trim Mate Primer Pocket Uniformer Large In Stock   $26.49
RC90383 RCBS - Trim Mate Primer Pocket Uniformer- - Large Pistol In Stock   $26.49
RC90379 RCBS - Trim Mate Primer Pocket Uniform - Small In Stock   $26.49
RC9351 RCBS - VLD Deburring Tool In Stock   $12.49

Trim Mate Case Prep Center

Five gear-driven rotating heads turn the tedious task of chamfering, deburring, primer pocket cleaning, military crimp removal and flashhole deburring into child's play. The Trim Mate Case Prep Center includes large and small primer pocket brushes, inside chamfering and outside deburring tool, medium and small primer pocket brushes and a packet of dry case neck lube. There are also a number of optional accessories available.

RC90375 RCBS Trim Mate Case Preparation Center In Stock   $146.49

Trim Pro 3-Way Pilot/Chamfer

Adds additional calibers for the Trim Pro 3-Way Cutter

RC90258 RCBS - Trim 3-Way Pilot /Chamfer.22 Cal In Stock   $9.49
RC90260 RCBS 3-Way Pilot/Chamfer .25 Cal In Stock   $9.49
RC90262 RCBS 3-Way Pilot/Chamfer .270 Cal In Stock   $9.49
RC90264 RCBS 3-Way Pilot/Chamfer .30 Cal In Stock   $9.49
RC90261 RCBS 3-Way Pilot/Chamfer 6.5mm Cal In Stock   $9.49
RC90259 RCBS - 3-Way Pilot /Chamfer 6mm Cal In Stock   $9.49
RC90263 RCBS 3-Way Pilot/Chamfer 7mm Cal In Stock   $9.49
RC90265 RCBS 3-Way Pilot/Chamfer .32 Cal In Stock   $9.49

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