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TC7215 MAG EXP SABOTS.50 CAL 180GRXTP30 Out $15.99  $14.99

TC8246 Mag Express Sabot 50 Cal 240gr XTP Bullet 30 Rounds In Stock $16.99  $14.99
TC8294 Mag Express Sabot 50 Cal 300gr XTP Bullet 30 Rounds In Stock $17.99  $15.99
TC8287 Mag Express Sabot 54 Cal 250gr XTP Bullet 30 Rounds In Stock $19.99  $15.99

TC8236 SHOCKWAVESABOT 50CAL 250GR 30/PK In Stock $24.99  $19.99

TC8208 Super Glide Sabot .50 Cal 250gr Shockwave In Stock $13.99  $11.99
TC8245 Super Glide Sabot .50 Cal 250gr Bonded Shockwave In Stock $18.99  $15.99
TC8215 Super Glide Sabot .50 Cal 300gr Shockwave In Stock $13.99  $11.99
TC8235 Super Glide Sabot .50 Cal 300gr Bonded Shockwave In Stock $19.99  $16.99

TC7759 SPR XR SABOT 45/40 155GR XTP30PK Out   $15.99

TC8252 Sabots Bulk Shock Wave Super Glide without Bullets In Stock $8.99  $7.99

TC8206 SUREFIRE SABOT 50CAL 230GR 20/BX In Stock   $10.99

Bullets & Sabots

TC7795 Thompson Center Prelubed Maxiball Superior Penetration .50 Cal. 320 Gr. 20/Box In Stock   $21.99
TC7767 Thompson Center Super XR Sabots, 45 Cal 180 Grain ZTP Bullet In Stock $17.99  $13.99

Cheap Shot Sabots

TC8296 CHEAPSHOTSABOT 50CAL 240GR 20/PK In Stock $7.99  $6.99

Mag Express Sabots Only (50/Pk)

TC8277 50 Cal (Use 44 Bullets) Sabots Only 50 Pack In Stock $8.99  $7.99
TC8281 50 Cal (Use 45 Bullets) Sabots 50 Pack In Stock $8.99  $7.99

Maxi-Ball for Superior Penetration

TC7895 MAXI BALL PRELUBE .50CAL 320GR In Stock   $19.99

Maxi-Hunter for Maximum Expansion

TC7885 MAXI HUNTER PRELUBE 50CAL 275GR In Stock   $19.99
TC7785 Thompson Center Prelubricated Maxi-Hunter Conical All Lead Projectiles 50 Cal. 350 gr. 20/Box In Stock   $21.99


TC8276 ROUNDDBALLS 50CAL .490 100/PACK In Stock   $19.99

Shockwave Sabots

TC8244 SHOCKWAVE SABOT 45CAL 200GR 15/PK In Stock $13.99  $11.49
TC8238 SHOCKWAVE SABOT 50CAL 200GR 15/PK In Stock $12.99  $11.49
TC8242 SHOCKWAVESABOT 50CAL 250GR 15/PK In Stock $13.99  $11.49
TC8230 SHOCKWAVE SABOT 50CAL 300GR 15/PK In Stock $13.99  $11.99

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