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WU70809 5D-AG AIRGUNS & .22 W/DVTL HIGH In Stock   $32.99
WU70976 ACE IN THE HOLE MOSS.500/REM.870 In Stock   $49.99
WU70915 FIRE SIGHT FRNT & REAR S&W M&P In Stock   $38.99
WU47498 FIRE SIGHT H&K USP9C-40C-45C In Stock   $48.49
WU70957 FIRE SIGHT RUGER MKII 5.5-GOV-SS In Stock   $48.49
WU70965 FIRE SIGHT SET FITS COLT 80 SER. In Stock   $68.49
WU70944 FIRE SIGHT SET FOR KAHR In Stock   $38.99
WU70967 FIRE SIGHT SET RUGER P90-91-94 In Stock   $48.49

WU66709 SIGHT-THRU MOSS.500 & 835 1997> In Stock   $18.99

Williams Aluminum Slot Bank

Hard, black anodized finish. For appearance sake, use this slot blank after removing iron sight. It will also cover up most burr marks. Easy installation with one locking screw. Fits all 3/8" dovetails.

WU1951 Williams Aluminum Slot Bank In Stock   $4.49

Williams Apertures: Twilight Series

Twilight Series are designed for shooting under poor light conditions, early morning, late evening, and other inclement conditions. They create a sharp contrast that gives quick definition to the aperture hole, and they eliminate the fuzz with which many shooters have trouble.

WU1436 Williams Apertures: Twilight Series In Stock   $9.49

Williams Closeout

WU22845 HI TOP MT W/SUB BASE TC CONT BL In Stock   $36.99
WU20333 MT AW-N-44-S S&W N F.44 6 &8 3/ In Stock   $57.49
WU21562 MT SW-N29-44-10B S&W 29 10-5/8 In Stock   $57.49
WU20586 SCP MT BH-B-41 BKHWK 6 1/2 BLK In Stock   $57.49
WU20201 SCP MT MK-10-S-MK-11 SILV FINIS In Stock   $44.49
WU20198 SCP MT MK-5-B-MK-11 BLK FINISH In Stock   $44.49
WU20199 SCP MT MK-5-S-MK-11 SILV FINISH In Stock   $44.49
WU20204 SCP MT RHB-44 REDHWK 7 1/2 BLK In Stock   $57.49

Williams Gold Shotgun Sights

WU1772 Williams Gold Shotgun Sights In Stock   $3.29
WU1773 Williams Gold Shotgun Sights In Stock   $3.29

Williams Guide Bead Shotgun Sights

Fits all shotguns. Large 1/8" jewel finish bead has exceptional light gathering ability. Gets you on target fast. Easily installed. Screws into existing sight hole. Two thread sizes: 6-48 and 3-56 in 3/32" shank length.

WU1784 Williams Guide Bead Shotgun Sights In Stock   $6.79

Williams High Speed Drill & Tap Sets

High Speed Tap & High Speed Drill Set

WU1767 Williams High Speed Drill & Tap Sets In Stock   $10.49

Williams Lever Action Fire Sight Peep Set

Outfit your Winchester or Marlin centerfire lever action rifle with a new Fire Sight Steel bead and the ever popular Williams FP94/36 micro adjustable peep sight. (Fits: Win94 top eject, 55, 63, 64, 65, 94-22; Marlin 36, 336, 1894, 1895SS, 1895G, 444SS, 444P)

WU70102 FIRE SIGHT SET MARLIN 450 In Stock   $60.99
WU70103 FIRE SIGHT SET WIN. 94 SE In Stock   $60.99

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