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WU47499 FIRE SITE FRNT & REAR RUGER LC9 Out   $38.99
WU1222 Williams FP-Target High Less Attaching Bar Out   $57.99

WU66709 SIGHT-THRU MOSS.500 & 835 1997> In Stock   $18.99

WU1396 WILLIAMS 5D-81 Out   $32.99
WU70938 WILLIAMS FP-T/C TRIUMPH Out   $55.99

WU47480 WM-96 APERTURE SIGHT MAUSER 96 Out   $18.49

Williams .22 or Muzzleloader Front Fire Sight Beads

This wide steel front bead has been machined to accept a Fire Sights light gathering rod. A must for all muzzleloader and .22 shooters, especially in low light situations. Fits all standard 3/8" dovetails in a variety of heights. .531 Width

WU59083 Williams .22 or Muzzleloader Front Fire Sight Beads Out   $14.29
WU59084 Williams .22 or Muzzleloader Front Fire Sight Beads Out   $14.29
WU59079 Williams .22 or Muzzleloader Front Fire Sight Beads Out   $14.29
WU59080 Williams .22 or Muzzleloader Front Fire Sight Beads Out   $14.29
WU59081 Williams .22 or Muzzleloader Front Fire Sight Beads Out   $14.29
WU59082 Williams .22 or Muzzleloader Front Fire Sight Beads Out   $14.29

Williams 5D Series

For big game rifles, 22's, and shotguns.

These sights are patterned after the Fool Proof. They are strong, lightweight, and have a neat appearance, but without the micrometer adjustments. Designed for rugged hunting use, the 5D sights are dependable and accurate. Positive locks. Clear unobstructed vision. No knobs or side paste to blot out shooter's field of vision. The upper staff of the Williams 5D sight is readily detachable. It is only necessary to loosen one screw so that the upper staff slides easily in the close-fitting dovetail. The angular bushing locks this upper staff in a positive manner. A set screw is provided as a stop screw so that the sight will return to absolute zero upon detaching and reattaching. Note two positions for aperture holder to give double the amount of windage. Standard thread sizes, the same as used on the Foolproof, permit the use of a wide range of apertures for all sighting conditions. Twilight apertures interchangeable.

WU70224 Williams 5D Series Out   $32.99
WU1382 Williams 5D Series Out   $32.99
WU1398 Williams 5D Series Out   $32.99
WU36888 WILLIAMS 5D-94SE Out   $32.99
WU1410 Williams 5D Series Out   $32.99
WU1418 Williams 5D Series Out   $32.99

Williams AR-15 Style Fire Sight

Front metallic sight that is fully adjustable for elevation.

WU70229 Williams AR-15 Style Fire Sight Out   $33.49

Williams Aluminum Slot Bank

Hard, black anodized finish. For appearance sake, use this slot blank after removing iron sight. It will also cover up most burr marks. Easy installation with one locking screw. Fits all 3/8" dovetails.

WU1951 Williams Aluminum Slot Bank In Stock   $4.49

Williams Apertures: Regular Series

We have always felt that a disc with a small outer diameter and large inner hole is best for hunting. For this reason we have made the 3/8" O.D. disc with a .093 inner hole as standard equipment. For the shooter who wants the fastest sighting aperture, we can supply our BUCKBUSTER model which has a 3/8" O.D. and a large .125 inner hole. Williams discs are standard thread size and will accommodate Redfield, Lyman, etc.

WU49891 Williams Apertures: Regular Series Out   $9.99
WU1427 Williams Reg Aperature R-3/8 x .093 Long Out   $7.79
WU1426 Williams Apertures: Regular Series Out   $7.79

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