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Gunsmith Parts

XUGTHM50 Grovtec 1/2 & 3/4 Wood Screw Out   $2.29

Swivel Pairs

XUGTSW05 GrovTec Mil- Force Swivel 1-1/4" In Stock   $15.79
XUGTSW04 Grovtec Locking Swivel Pair Nickel 1.25in In Stock   $9.49
XUGTSW01 Grovtec 1in Locking Swivel Pair Out   $7.99
XUGTSW03 Grovtech 1in Locking Swivel Pair Nickel Out   $9.49
XUGTSW02 Grovtec Locking Swivel Pair 1.25in In Stock   $7.99

Swivel Sets for Rifles

XUGTSW40 Grotec Swivel Stud for Tube Magazine .22's In Stock   $10.99
XUGTSW42 Grovtec Swivel Sets .430-.445 Full Bnad In Stock   $12.79
XUGTSW43 Grovtec Swivel Set Two-Piece Band In Stock   $11.99
XUGTSW45 Grovtec Swivel Sets One-Piece Band Out   $12.79
XUGTSW41 Grovtec Swivel Set .645-.660 One-Piece Diameter In Stock   $12.79
XUGTSW07 Grovtec Machine Screw and Wood Screw Set In Stock   $8.99
XUGTSW31 Grovtech Mossberg 500 Swivels In Stock   $9.99
XUGTSW16 Grovtec Remington 7400 Swivels In Stock   $12.79
XUGTSW17 Grovtec Remington 742 ADL Swivels In Stock   $13.49
XUGTSW27 Grovtec Ruger Carbines Single & Auto Blue In Stock   $11.99
XUGTSW23 Grovtec Wood Screw Fore End 1in Black Out   $8.99

Swivel Sets for Shotguns

XUGTSW33 Grovtech Shotgun Swivels Gas-Operated & Auto Out   $10.99
XUGTSW37 Grovtec Swivel Set Mossberg 500 In Stock   $26.49
XUGTSW34 Grovtec Remington 870 Express 12ga Swivel In Stock   $26.49

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