B-Square "Bubble" Level

Product Number: BQT1005
Item Price: $12.49
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.01 lb.

11mm - Blue

The only level which the shooter can check both the rifle bore and reticle alignment at a glance! Produced from the same aircraft grade aluminum as all B-Square's rings and bases.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
BQ6115 B-Square AR-15(A-2) SPT.BIPOD MNT ADAPTER In Stock   $13.83
BQ18580 B-Square Dragunov Tiger ( Slides on Rail) In Stock   $72.68
BQ14411 B-Square Rossi 92 Puma Mount Blue In Stock   $40.49
BQT1005 B-Square "Bubble" Level In Stock   $12.49
BQT1006 B-Square "Bubble" Level In Stock   $12.49
BQ18477 B-Square Springfield 1903 with Rings In Stock   $42.49
BQ18526 B-Square AR-15 / M-16 NATO See-Thru Mount with Rings In Stock   $21.49
BQ15150 B-Square AR-15 Flat Top Scope Mount with Intergral R In Stock   $41.99
BQ17021 B-Square Precision Air Gun 11mm/ Dovetail In Stock   $49.99
BQ15533 B-Square Browning A-Bolt Wssm Stainless In Stock   $3.99
BQ10042 B-Square 1 Dovetail Rings Blue 4 - Screw In Stock   $21.49
BQ21052 B-Square Sport Utility Extension Rings In Stock   $11.49
BQ21054 B-Square Sport Utility Extension Rings In Stock   $11.49
BQ42214 B-Square Browning Buckmark Mounts In Stock   $25.49
BQ10302 B-Square 1 x Vari-Clamp S/S Adjustable Rings In Stock   $48.18
BQ10330 B-Square 30mm X Vari-Clamp Blue Adjustable Rings In Stock   $48.18
BQ10331 B-Square 30mm X Vari-Clamp S/S Adjustable Rings In Stock   $51.45
BQ21001 B-Square Dovetail Laser Clamp Stainless Steel In Stock   $23.95
BQ12704 B-Square For Glock 21 Blue with Rings In Stock   $46.41
BQ15017 B-Square Mossberg 1500 In Stock   $8.33
BQ14011 B-Square Ruger 10/22 Heavy Barrel Base STS In Stock   $31.87
BQ14013 B-Square Ruger 10/22 Standard Barrel Base STS In Stock   $31.88
BQ16089 B-Square Savage/ Stevens 67 Pump In Stock   $41.67
BQ12104 B-Square Sig 226 9mm Auto STS with Rings In Stock   $52.92
BQ12406 B-Square Smith & Wesson 5906 Blue In Stock   $45.31

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