Barnes® VOR-TX® Safari Centerfire Rifle - .458 Win. Mag 450gr RN-Solid 20/Box

Product Number: BX22023
Item Price: $109.99 $98.99
Availability: The item you are looking for is currently sold out and will no longer be available in the future. Please see similar items below.
Shipping Weight: 2.74 lbs.

Obtain your Barnes VOR-TX Safari Centerfire Rifle. Using only the highest quality materials, this particular ammo design offers high-grade performance. Whether you enjoy hunting, active shooter lessons, or are just enjoying some target practice, you can benefit from the technically advanced design this company has to offer.

With you, the shooter, in mind, this company has worked to find only the best materials. Barnes puts each and every bullet under stringent production standards to remove any flaw that might arise so that you get nothing but perfection.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
BX30432 .338 LAPUA 280GR LRX BT PER 50 In Stock $49.99  $44.99
BX30556 .451 200GR XPB FB 45 COLT PER 20 In Stock   $19.99
BX30644 .458 400GR BUSTER FNFB 45/70 P50 In Stock   $63.99
BX30663 .500 S&WMAG 275GR XPB PBLT 20/BX In Stock   $23.99
BX30665 .500 S&WMAG 325GR XPB P.BLT 20BX In Stock   $24.99
BX30239 .65MM 264 120GR TSX BT PER50 In Stock   $36.99
BX31180 10MM AUTO XPB 20ROUNDS AMMO In Stock   $33.99
BX30184 224 30GR VGFB 22HORNET PER250 In Stock $46.99  $40.99
BX30337 30 CAL 308DIA 150GR TAC XR BT In Stock   $38.99
BX30827 300 ACC BLACKOUT TAC-TX BT AMMO 20ROUNDS In Stock   $34.99
MultiBox: 10/$31.88  
BX30358 30C .308DIA 110GR TACT TX FB P50 In Stock   $35.99
BX30368 30CAL .308 165GR TTSX BT PER 50 In Stock $39.99  $34.49
BX30359 30CAL .308 168GR TAC-TX BT PER50 In Stock   $39.99
BX30341 30CAL 308 110GR TSX FB 50/BX In Stock $35.99  $30.99
BX30336 30CAL 308 110GR TAC XFB PER 50 In Stock   $35.99
BX30362 30CAL 308 110GR TTSX FB PER50 In Stock $35.99  $30.99
BX30388 310 108GR MPG FB 7.62X39 In Stock   $20.99
BX30390 310 108GR RRLP FB 7.62X39 PER50 In Stock   $20.99
BX30727 338 LAPUA MAG LRX BT AMMO 20ROUNDS In Stock   $119.99
BX30426 338CA 338 185GR TTSX BT PER50 In Stock $43.99  $37.99
BX30434 338LAPUA 338 265GR LRX BT PER 50 In Stock $49.99  $43.99
BX30459 35 CAL .358 180GR GR TTSX PER 50 In Stock $43.99  $37.99
BX30442 355 CAL .355 DIA 115 GR TAC XP In Stock   $29.99
BX21550 357 MAGNUM TAC-XP 20ROUNDS AMMO In Stock   $33.99
BX30494 375CAL .375 350 GR TSX FB PER50 In Stock $55.49  $48.49

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