Ed Brown Firing Pin Hardcore 45 Acp

Product Number: EB824HC
Item Price: $15.68
Availability: The item you are looking for is currently sold out and will no longer be available in the future. Please see similar items below.
Shipping Weight: 0.02 lb.

Factory firing pins are often weak and subject to failure. These top quality firing pins are precision turned from heat-treated tool steel. Proper weight for positive ignition with heavy duty springs and any type primer. Usable with all 1911 type pistols including Colt Series 80 and 70. Springfield 38 Super and 9mm slides use the oversize diameter pin for heavy loads. At present we are the only manufacturer making the correct size pin for the Springfield 38 Super slides. All Ed Brown, Baer and newer Caspian slides use the 38 Super firing pin, Part #825. If you are unsure which pin you need, measure the diameter near the tip where the pin strikes the primer and compare to the listings.The Hardcore® firing pin has a LIFETIME guarantee against breakage.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
EB811M Ed Brown Perfection Disconnector In Stock   $25.99
EB825 Ed Brown Firing Pin 10mm-38-9mm-45 Baer In Stock   $10.69
EB824 Ed Brown Firing Pin 45 Acp 70 or 80 In Stock   $10.69
EB826 Ed Brown Firing Pin 9mm-38Su-Sringfield In Stock   $10.69
EB813 Ed Brown Grip Screw Bushing - Blue 4 Pack In Stock   $9.29
EB813S Ed Brown Grip Screw Bushing SS 4 Pack In Stock   $10.69
EB804 Ed Brown Hex Grip Screws STS 4 Pack In Stock   $12.09
EB892T Ed Brown Ambi Safety Tactical Blue In Stock   $87.39
EB893T Ed Brown Ambi Safety Tactical SS In Stock   $91.69
EB891T Ed Brown Extended Safety Tactical SS In Stock   $51.59
EB893 Ed Brown Ambi Safety Wide SS In Stock   $91.69
EB847 Ed Brown 45 Acp 7 Rd Mag Premium In Stock   $44.29
EB896 Ed Brown Hammer Blue Hardcase In Stock   $73.39
EB897 Ed Brown Hammer SS Stainless Hardcase In Stock   $81.39
EB886 Ed Brown Beavertail Installation Jig In Stock   $40.29
EB919 Ed Brown Competition Mainspring for 1911 5 Pack In Stock   $12.09
EB874 Ed Brown Perfection Sear In Stock   $47.19
EB1301 Ed Brown Extrator 45 Acp 70 Series Blue In Stock   $40.29
EB1305 Ed Brown Extended Ejector 45 Acp Blue In Stock   $36.29
EB855E Ed Brown Mag Catch Extended 1911 SS In Stock   $29.49
EB817ARCH Ed Brown Arched Mainspring Housing Grooved Stained In Stock   $59.99
EB81625BT Ed Brown Bobtl Mainspring Housings 25 LPI CHK Blue In Stock   $100.09
EB854 Ed Brown Mag Catch 1911 Ckrd Blue In Stock   $29.49
EB855 Ed Brown Mag Catch 1911 Ckrd SS In Stock   $29.49
EB823 Ed Brown Hammer Strut In Stock   $10.69

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