Quake "The Claw" Sling Stix Rifle Sling Black

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Why carry a heavy set of shooting sticks around the whole hunt just for that few seconds of glory?

SlingStix™ are so light you’ll never know they’re there until you need them. This means days of comfortable carrying. They fold up inside of a sliding pouch on the sling. They’re tucked out of the way until a shot presents itself.

By being attached to the sling, SlingStix™ are always there when you need them but never in the way when you don’t. No more having to keep up with shooting sticks.

They have the ability to deploy in a fraction of a second and fall perfectly in place every time. The internal shock cord and gravity does all the work. By sliding the pouch down the sticks are exposed and quickly fall into position. Make that perfect long-range shot with confidence. Whether it’s an elk on the other side of a canyon or a whitetail across a beanfield, SlingStix™ allow you to keep those crosshairs steady. They can be used from more positions than any other shooting stick system. Sitting, standing, and prone. They can even be used from tree stands without an adaptor.

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