Swift Bullets 44 Caliber (.429 Dia.) 280gr AF/HP 50/Box

Product Number: SB44280
Item Price: $52.49
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 2.38 lbs.

.44 CAL -.430" Dia 280 Gr

The construction of Swift A-Frame Revolver Bullets is what makes them so unique. These bullets combine full metal jacket penetration with soft point expansion. To initiate expansion, the bullet has a lead core that includes a soft point. For deep penetration, the core in the rear is protected and designed to retain mass.

The innovative cross-member copper jacket design with bonded core front sets this bullet apart from others. In addition to offering incredible controlled expansion and deep penetration, these bullets retain up to 95 percent of their original weight. The result is an incredibly consistent and accurate bullet.

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