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BX30222 Barnes TSX Bullets .25 cal .257" 100 gr BT 50/ct In Stock $34.99  $29.99

Rifle Bullets - .257 Diameter

Berger Bullets Limited, offers a wide selection of handmade customer bullets (.17 Caliber through .30 Caliber) for the competition shooter, dedicated varmint hunter and those searching for that "extra edge" in shooting performance. The Berger Legacy, a family business rich in tradition and reputation for unparalleled, unbelievable accuracy, is a continued push for development and technology to set the standard for the world's most accurate bullets. Berger starts with the J4, finest jackets available with a near perfect wall concentricity... less than .0003. Cores are cut from lead that is 99.9% pure with .5% antimony-shaped and swaged through specially built dies-for a bullet, round to .0001.

BB25513 Berger .25 Cal (.257 Dia) 115 gr Match Grade VLD Hunting 100/box In Stock   $41.99

Rifle Bullets

HO25522 Hornady Rifle Bullet - .25 Cal .257" 117gr SST 100/box In Stock   $29.99
MultiBox: 10/$28.57  
HO25410 Hornady Rifle Bullet - .25 cal .257" 90gr GMX 50/box In Stock $32.49  $31.49
MultiBox: 10/$30.60  
HO2552 Hornady Rifle Bullet - .25 Cal .257" 117gr InterLock BTSP 100/box In Stock $25.79  $24.99
MultiBox: 10/$24.22  

Rifle Bullets - .257 Diameter

NO16317 Nosler Partition 25 cal 100gr .257" Spitzer 50/Box In Stock   $31.49

Rifle Bullets - .257 Diameter

SI1625 Sierra .257 100 gr GameKing SBT 100/box In Stock   $23.99
SI1630 Sierra .257 117 gr GameKing SBT 100/box In Stock   $27.99
SI1640 Sierra .257 117 gr Pro-Hunter SPT 100/box In Stock   $25.49
SI1650 Sierra .257 120 gr GameKing HPBT 100/box In Stock   $28.49
SI1600 Sierra .257 75 gr Varminter HP 100/Box In Stock   $22.49
SI1610 Sierra .257 87 gr Varminter SPT 100/box In Stock   $22.99

Rifle Bullets - .25 Caliber (.257)

SP1410 Speer 25 Caliber (.257 Dia.) 120 Grain Spitzer/Boat Tail 100/Box In Stock $28.99  $25.99

Swift Rifle Bullets

Swift bullets have long enjoyed a reputation for unmatched performance in the field. The superior quality built into each Swift bullet insures the ultimate in performance and reliability with every shot. The unrivaled ability to retain over 95%+ of original bullet weight has made Swift A-Frameª the overwhelming favorite among professional hunters and guides around the world. Whether the shot calls for deep penetration on a thick-skinned animal, or maximum expansion on medium game, the Swift A-Frameª design and proprietary jacket bonding process gets the job done every time. Proof of the strength of Swift's core/jacket bonding process. Try this with any other jacketed hunting bullet, and you'll see why Swift A-Frameª is the overwhelming choice of serious shooters and professional hunters. Swift A-Frameª bullets are available in a wide variety of calibers and weights for every high performance hunting need, from .25 to .470 caliber rifle, and .44 and .45 caliber handgun.

50 Per Box

SB25100 Swift Bullets 25 Caliber (.257 Dia.) 100gr AF/SS 50/Box In Stock   $52.99

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