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BX30512 BX 41MAG .410 180GR XPB PST 20BX In Stock   $17.99

Pistol Ammunition

BX41018 Barnes® XPB™ Pistol Bullet - .41 Mag .410" 180gr XPB™-FB 20/Box Out   $17.99

JF00205 .41CAL .410 210GR FP 500/BOX In Stock   $65.09

Handgun Bullets - .410 Diameter

JF62049 Berry's Manufacturing .41 Cal (.410 Dia.) 210gr FP 250/Box In Stock   $40.49

Handgun Bullets

HO41000 Hornady Handugn Bullet - .41 cal .410" 210gr HP/XTP 100/Box In Stock $28.89  $25.79

Rifle Bullets

HO4103 Hornady Rifle Bullet - .41 cal .410" 400gr DGS 50/Box Out   $53.29
MultiBox: 10/$51.29  

Handgun Bullets - .410 Diameter

NO43012 Nosler .410 210 gr JHP 100/box In Stock   $27.49

Handgun Bullets - .410 Diameter

RX228891 Remington .410 210 gr SP 100/bag Out   $29.99
MultiBox: 10/$28.40  
RX22889 Remington .410 210 gr SP 1000/bag Out   $313.49
MultiBox: 10/$280.74  

Handgun Bullets - .410 Diameter

RM23663 Remington Bullets 41 Caliber .410 Dia 200 Grain Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point 100/bag Out   $29.99

Handgun Bullets - .410 Diameter

SI8500 Sierra .410 170 gr Sports Master JHC 100/box Out   $25.49
SI8520 Sierra .410 210 gr Sports Master JHC 100/box Out   $25.99

Gold Dot Bullets

Gold Dot bullets are designed with jacket flutes and, in the octagonal hollow point, interior nose core flutes to deliver controlled peelback for maximum expansion and stopping power. The distinctive Gold Dot in the center of the mushroom means the bullet has reached maximum expansion in the medium it entered. While the gold triangles on the edge of the mushroom show the integrity of the UNI-COR jacket/core bonding process. Maximum weight retention. No core separation

Packaged 100 per box.

SP4430 41 CAL 210GR GOLD DOT HP Out   $27.49

Swift Heavy Revolver Bullets

SB41210 Swift Bullets 41 Caliber (.410 Dia.) 210g AF/HP 50/Box In Stock   $52.49

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