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Pistol Bullets - .452 Diameter

AL801 Allstar/Magnus Bullets .45 Acp.452 Dia 185 Grain Semi Wad Cutter 500/box In Stock   $55.49
AL802 Allstar/Magnus Bullets .45 Acp .452 Dia 200 Grain Semi Wad Cutter 500/box In Stock   $59.99
AL804 Allstar/Magnus Bullets .45 Acp .45 Dia 230 Grain Round Nose 500/box In Stock   $68.49
AL902 Allstar/Magnus Bullets .45 Colt .452 Dia 250 Gr Round nose Flat Point 400/box In Stock   $58.99
AL901 Allstar/Magnus Bullets .45 Colt .452 Dia 255 Grain Semi Wad Cutter 400/box In Stock   $58.99

JF00217 .45CAL .452DIA 250GR FP LC 500CT In Stock   $73.49
JF84477 45CAL 452DIA 185GR HBRNDS 250BX In Stock   $37.49
JF75546 45CAL 452DIA 200GR FP 250BX In Stock   $37.49

Handgun Bullets - .452 Diameter

JF25016 Berry's Manufacturing .45 Cal (.452 Dia.) 185gr FP 250/Box In Stock   $35.49
JF97593 Berry's Manufacturing 45 Cal LC (.452 Dia.) 250gr FP 200/Box In Stock   $36.49

Handgun Bullets

HO45218 Hornady Handgun Bullet - .45 cal (.45 Colt) .452" 225gr FTX 50/box In Stock   $34.29
MultiBox: 10/$32.79  
HO45220 Hornady Handgun Bullet - .45 cal .452" 240gr XTP/Mag 100/box In Stock $35.29  $31.49
HO45200 Hornady Handgun Bullet - .45 cal .452" 250gr HP/XTP 100/box In Stock $29.19  $24.99
HO45230 Hornady Handgun Bullet - .45 cal .452" 300gr HP/XTP 50/box In Stock $18.59  $16.79
HO45235 Hornady Handgun Bullet - .45 cal .452" 300gr XTP/Mag 50/box In Stock $20.99  $18.99
HO12108 Hornady Lead Pistol - .45 Cal. (.452 Dia.) 200 gr SWC 200/Box In Stock   $26.99
MultiBox: 10/$25.99  
HO12308 Hornady Lead Pistol - .45 cal .452" 230gr Lead Round Nose 200/box In Stock   $28.29
MultiBox: 10/$26.99  
HO12208 Hornady Lead Pistol - .45 cal .452" 200gr Combat/Target 200/box In Stock   $29.99
MultiBox: 10/$28.69  

Handgun Bullets - .451 Diameter

NO43013 Nosler .451 250 gr JHP 100/box In Stock   $28.99

Electro Plated Bullets

Rainier Ballistics Total Copper Jacket ("TCJ") LeadSafe TM handgun bullets greatly reduce airborne lead vapors when shot and are also double-swaged (Restrike) for enhanced uniformity and accuracy. All Hollow Point Bullets have the HEX (6 sided) Hollow Point for radical expansion

RH04542 Rainier Ballistics .451 250 gr Plated Flat Point 1000/Box In Stock   $156.49
RH04541 Rainier Ballistics .451 250 gr Plated Flat Point 500/Box In Stock   $80.99

NS4520002 45ACP-CAL SWC 200GR .452DIA 500B In Stock   $53.39
NS4517001 45LC-CAL RNFP 170GR 452DIA 500BX In Stock   $48.39
NS4525001 45LC-CAL RNFP 250GR .452DIA 500B In Stock   $60.59

Lead Pistol Bullets

Speer¨ Lead Bullets have a new high-tech lube.

Tough, multi-layer film is dry to the touch and won't melt or rub off like most lubricants!

The new lube is so clean and dry that some customers, on first seeing it , thought the bullets weren't lubed. To inform buyers of the new lube process, all Speer lead bullet boxes now display a distinctive oval sticker that says, "NEW REDUCED LEADING LUBE."

SP4691 Speer Lead Pistol Bullets In Stock   $63.49

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