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Italian Gun Grease 1 qt Carbon Eliminator Spray

Product Number: IGCSCS1Q

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Italian Gun Grease

Details & Specs

Our advantage starts with the original use of this proprietary formula which was to clean the heavy carbon deposits from jet engine exhausts and the areas surrounding the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger Cannon. It successfully accomplished that mission and can easily handle the carbon build-up on your weapon systems. Carbon Eliminator ™ is an active, water-based, biodegradable cleaner that performs better than solvent based products. It penetrates and then pushes up the carbon from inside microscopic pits and crevices. It removes heavily baked-on carbon deposits, oils, and even synthetic residues. It is non-corrosive to metals and metal alloys, painted surfaces, plastics, and fiberglass. Carbon Eliminators ™ performance will absolutely blow you away.