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Scherer Scherer Slug Plug

The Slug-Plugs (prevents the bottom of the backstrap form bruising the palm of your hand) is contoured to guide the mag into the mag well; and leaves room for you to grab the back of the mag it doesn’t drop free. All this is icing on the basic use for the Slug-Plug (keeping out mud, sand, airborne grit/sand, dust, rain and snow from the sear, and return spring.) The above can prevent the gun from resetting or the trigger not returning to it’s proper firing position. the cavity created between the top of the Slug-Plug and the slide provides room for handcuff key, house key, spare cartridges or; for extra weight; a carved piece of lead. The Sp-1 Fits model 17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24L, 25, 31, 32, 34, & 35. The SP-2 Fits models 26, 27, 28, & 33.

SDSP2 SLUG-PLUG 26-27-28 & 33 Out   $6.99

Scherer Two Plus Two 2 Shot Extensions for all
9mm, .357, & .40 Cal. Drop Free Pre-Ban Mags

SD2PLUS2 2-SHOT EXTENSION 9MM-357-40 PRE Out   $10.99

Shooters Ridge 10/22 Accessories

SE40625 Shooter's Ridge® 10/22® 25-Rd Metal Head Magazine Out
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Sig Sauer

XI432783 1911 10RD .22LR MAG Out   $23.00
XI412129 1911 COMPACT 7RD .45ACP MAG In Stock   $23.00
XI408979 1911 FULLSIZE CARRY 8RD .45ACP MAG Out   $23.00
XI457502 MAG MPX 9MM 20RD Out   $61.00
XI457496 MAG MPX 9MM 30RD Out   $61.00
XI412846 MOSQUITO10RD .22LR MAG Out   $23.00
XI430291 P210 10RD 9MM MAG SIDE RELEASE FOR P210 LEGEND In Stock   $63.00
XI410224 P220 10RD .45ACP MAG In Stock   $40.00
XI118205 P220 8RD .45ACP MAG Out   $40.00
XI439720 P224 12RD 40357 EXTENDED MAG In Stock   $51.00
XI439713 P224 15RD 9MM EXTENDED MAG In Stock   $51.00
XI118304 P226 12RD .357SIG.40S&W MAG PHOSPHATE Out   $40.00
XI408849 P226 15RD .357SIG.40S&W MAG Out   $54.00
XI265749 P226 15RD 9MM MAG In Stock   $40.00
XI408825 P226 20RD 9MM MAG In Stock   $54.00
XI305452 P226X5 14RD .357SIG.40S&W MAG Out   $80.00
XI305445 P226X5 19RD 9MM MAG In Stock   $80.00
XI464784 P227 10RD .45ACP MAG In Stock   $40.00

Sig Sauer

XI111268 Sig Sauer P228/P229 9mm magazine - 13 Round Out   $40.00

Sig Sauer

XI257843 P229 12RD .357SIG.40S&W MAG Out   $40.00
XI421749 P229 15RD 9MM MAG E2 & UPDATED P229 MDLS MAG MARKED 2291 In Stock   $40.00
XI415250 P238 6RD .380ACP MAG In Stock   $40.00

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