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CVA/Connecticut Valley Arms

CVRB3000N OPTIMA PRO BARREL 29 NK/FLT .50 Out   $183.07

CVA/Connecticut Valley Arms Accessories

CVAC1678A CVA 209 Hex Head Shotgun Primer Replacement Breech Plug In Stock   $11.29
CVAC1410 CVA Adjustable Powder Measure (Range) In Stock   $6.99
CVAC1413 CVA Hunter Powder Measure 50-120 Grain In Stock   $4.99
CVAC1683 CVA Nylon Cleaning Brush .50 Caliber In Stock   $1.99
CVAC1422 CVA Perfect Nipple for CVA Rifles (6x1mm) In Stock   $4.99
CVAC1385 CVA Powder Funnel Top In Stock   $2.29
CVAC1407 CVA Straight Line Capper - Range Model In Stock   $4.29
CVAC1386 CVA Titan Flask In Stock   $9.49
CVAC1435 CVA Universal Hollow Point Bullet Starter with Attachements In Stock   $11.29

CVA/Connecticut Valley Arms Rifles

CVPR3112S CVA Accura® V2 209 Magnum Break-Action Muzzleloader - .50 Cal - Stainless Steel/Realtree® APG™ In Stock   $447.49

Colt Black Powder Arms Gun Parts

AFIC165F Colt M-1 Instamount In Stock   $40.00




HV50330 Hevi-Shot 50 cal 300 gr Sabot 10/box Out   $7.45

Hornady Ammo Muzzleloading

HO45202 Hornady Muzzleloading Bullet - .45 cal .452" 250gr SST/ML 50/box In Stock   $26.79
HO45207 Hornady Muzzleloading Bullet - .45 cal .452" 300gr SST/ML 50/box In Stock   $27.99
HO67132 Hornady Muzzleloading .45 cal Sabot with .40 cal 200gr SST ML Bullet 20/box In Stock   $12.49
MultiBox: 10/$11.99  
HO6600 Hornady FPB .50 Cal 350gr 15/box In Stock   $14.99
HO67270 Hornady .50 cal Low Drag Speed Sabot with .45 cal 250gr SST Bullet 10/pack In Stock   $12.79
HO67271 Hornady .50 cal Low Drag Speed Sabot with .45 cal 300gr SST bullets 10/pack In Stock   $12.79
HO67273 Hornady .50 cal Low Drag Sabot with .45 cal 250gr SST Bullet 20/pack In Stock   $12.79
HO67263 Hornady .50 Cal Sabot Low Drag™ with 45 Cal 300gr SST Bullet 20/box Out   $12.79
HO6720 Hornady .50 Cal Sabot with .44 cal 240gr HP/XTP Bullet 20/box In Stock   $10.29
MultiBox: 10/$9.79  
HO6727 Hornady .50 Cal Sabots with .45 cal 240gr XTP/MAG Bullets 20/box In Stock   $11.99
MultiBox: 10/$11.29  
HO6726 Hornady .50 Cal Sabot with .45 Cal 300gr HP/XTP Bullet 20/box In Stock   $12.29
MultiBox: 10/$11.49  

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