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American Pioneer Powder American Pioneer Powder

Not only do American Pioneer TM Powder Sticks TM Compressed Charges possess the advantages of being composed of a powerful, sulfurless black powder replacement, but their propietary design was invented to allow for quick and complete ignition as well as fast, easy, and consistent loading of a black powder firearm while maximizing the performance, accuracy, and dependability of the firearm. Clean up can be accomplished with ordinary tap water. ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK POWDER is added to our American Pioneer TM Powder Sticks TM Compressed charges.

IHAPP3F American Pioneer Powder Sulfurless FFFG Substitute - 1lb Container Out   $19.99
IHAPP2F American Pioneer Powder Sulfurless FFG Substitute - 1lb Container In Stock   $20.49

Barnes Bullets Muzzleloader

BX45162 Barnes® Expander® MZ Muzzleloader Bullets - .50 cal w/Sabots .451" 300gr 24/Pack In Stock   $27.99
BX05007 Barnes® Spit-Fire TMZ & T-EZ Alinger Tool .50 cal Out   $6.99
BX05005 Barnes® Spit-Fire MZ Aligner Tool .50 Cal In Stock   $6.99
BX05000 Barnes® Expander MZ Aligner Tool .50 Cal In Stock   $6.99
BX05400 Barnes® Expander MZ Aligner Tool .54 Cal In Stock   $6.99
BX04500 Barnes® Expander MZ Aligner Tool .45 Cal In Stock   $6.99

CVA/Connecticut Valley Arms Accessories

CVAC1439A CVA 200 Slick Load Prelubed Shooting Patches (.50-.58 cal) In Stock   $10.99
CVAC1677 CVA 209 Capper / Extraction Tool / Single Primer In Stock   $3.99
CVAC1678A CVA 209 Hex Head Shotgun Primer Replacement Breech Plug In Stock   $16.49
CVAC1509 CVA 4-in-1 T Loader - Preloader, Measure, Starter & Palm Saver Out $6.49  $5.49
CVAC1455C CVA Cleaning Patches 2" Dia. 500/Pack In Stock   $14.49
CVAC1410 CVA Adjustable Powder Measure (Range) In Stock   $9.99
CVAC1682 CVA Black Powder Anti-Seize Stick Applicator In Stock   $5.49
CVAC1688 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Foaming Bore Cleaner In Stock   $11.99
CVAC1686 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Parts Soaker 4 oz. In Stock   $8.99
CVAC1687 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Quick-Clean Patch In Stock   $8.99
CVAC1689 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Patch In Stock   $7.99
CVAC1681 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Spray In Stock   $9.49
CVAC1685 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Solvent Spray 12 oz. Out   $9.99
CVAC1684 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Wonder Gel Solvent In Stock   $12.99
CVAC1612 CVA Breech Brush Set for In-Line Rifle In Stock   $2.99
CVAC1615 CVA Breech Plug Cleaners (50-Pack) In Stock   $4.99
CVAC1461 CVA Bullet Puller In Stock   $1.99

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