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Lee Die and Shell Holder Boxes

The perfect storage for dies and dies assembled in a turret. Made from a tough, durable plastic.

LEE90535 Lee 3 Die Round Box In Stock   $3.99
LEE90078 Lee Flat Die Box In Stock   $2.99
LEE90196 Lee Shell Holder Box - No Shell Holders In Stock   $3.99

Lee Lead Casting Accessories

LEE90973 Lee Shot Dipper In Stock   $2.99
LEE90005 Lee Commercial Mold Handles In Stock   $11.99
LEE90924 Lee Large Hardness Test Kit In Stock   $56.99
LEE90029 Lee Ingot Mold In Stock   $9.99
LEE90026 Lee Lead Ladle In Stock   $4.99

Lee Lead Furnaces

Same as Production Pot, except with 4 inches of clearance under the spout instead of the standard two inches. This is high enough to accept all brands of bullet molds and most sinker molds. These melters feature Infinite Heat Control, a highly reliable control mounted away from high heat of the pot. This eliminates failures often seen with thermostatically controlled units.

LEE90949 Lee Magnum Melter In Stock   $54.99
LEE90021 Lee Precision Melter In Stock   $30.99
LEE90947 Lee Pro 4-20 Pot with Adjustable Mold Guide In Stock   $64.99
LEE90009 Lee Production Pot IV 110 Volt In Stock   $53.49
LEE90024 Lee Precision Melter Out   $33.49
LEE90948 Lee Pro 4-20 Pot with Adjustable Mold Guide 220 Volt In Stock   $67.49
LEE90008 Lee Production Pot IV 220 volt 10 lb Capacity In Stock   $57.49

Lee Load Master Accessories

LEE90079 Lee Load Master 5 Hole Turret In Stock   $10.99
LEE90077 Lee Load Master Large Primer Feed Attachment In Stock   $16.99
LEE90075 Lee Load Master Small Primer Feed In Stock   $16.99
LEE90363 Lee Load Master Primer Explosion Shield In Stock   $3.99

Lee Load Master Shell Plates

LEE90068 Lee #19L Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99
LEE90085 Lee #5A Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $9.99
LEE90059 Lee #4A Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99
LEE90907 Lee #1S Load Master Pistol Shell Plate For 38 Special/357 Magnum In Stock   $19.99
LEE90916 Lee #10L Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99
LEE90917 Lee #11L Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99

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