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Pro-Shot Products Micro Polished Rods

PX1PS1227U Pro-Shot 12" Pistol .270 Cal. & Up Stainless Cleaning Rod Out   $16.79
PX1PS3627U Pro-Shot 36" Rifle .270 Cal. & Up Gun Cleaning Rod In Stock   $24.99

Pro-Shot Products Pistol Bore Brushes

PX45ST Pro-Shot .45 Cal. Stainless Steel Pistol Bore Brush Out   $1.49

Pro-Shot Products Police Pistol Kit

PXC22 Pro-Shot 8" Competition Pistol Kit .22 Cal. In Stock   $21.99

Pro-Shot Products Pro-Shot Stainless Gun Cleaning Rods

Rods now have a mirrorlike jeweled finish that is more dense and hardened rods does not pick up and carry abrasive grit or dirt through the bore. The best type of gun cleaning rod to use. Mirrored polished hardened stainless steel will take the harsh chemical action of the new bore solvents and not deteriorate. Rugged precision threading for no wobble attachment of rod tip accessories. No adapter needed and our attachments do no get out of line with the rod, threaded #8-32 and will accept all major American Cleaning Rod Accessories. Rod rotates in handle, allowing bore brush to spiral with rifling and clean the grooves of the rifling completely. One piece rods comes in a clear plastic tube, reusable for safe rod storage. Rod length stated is actual working length. Add 4 inches for the handle.

PX2PS3610410 Pro-Shot 36" Shotgun Rod 10-410 GA. In Stock   $25.99
PX2PS37WR Pro-Shot 37" Two-Piece Rosewood Shotgun Rod Out   $31.99
PX1PS362226 Pro-Shot 36" Rifle 22 Cal. - .26 Cal. Gun Cclening Rod. In Stock   $23.99

Pro-Shot Products Rod Accessories & Adaptors

PX17AD Pro-Shot 17 Cal. Adaptor-Converts # 5/40 Thread to #8/32 thread Out   $2.29
PXARCL Pro-Shot AR15 Cleaning Link Out   $13.79

Pro-Shot Products Tactical/LE Line

PXMAD Pro-Shot Military #8/36 thread adapts American Standard #8/32 threads In Stock   $2.39

Remington Cleaning Supplies

Includes these 4 products: 1-Clean the barrel with Brite Bore™ to quickly and safely remove fouling and powder residue. 2-Clean the action with Rem™ Action Cleaner to spray away dirt, caked lubricants and powder residue 3-Using the enclosed wipe cloth, lubricate and protect all metal parts with Rem™ Oil the most versatile gun oil you can buy 4-In freezing temperatures lubricate the action of your firearm with Rem DriLube™ in place of Rem Oil to assure dependable operation down to -40ºF.

RT19193 Remington AR-15 Starter Kit In Stock   $47.99
RT19187 Remington Rifle Fast Snap 2.0 In Stock   $32.99
RT19185 Remington Universal Fast Snap 2.0 In Stock   $39.99
RT19902 Remington MoistureGuard™ Rem Cloth™ In Stock   $5.49
RT17120 Remington Rem™ Squeeg-e 12/16 Gauge Out   $3.99
RT17121 Remington Rem™ Squeeg-E 20/28 Gauge In Stock   $3.99
RT17123 Remington Rem™ Squeeg-E .22 /.223 /5.56mm Out   $3.99
RT17125 Remington Rem™ Squeeg-E .243/ .25 Caliber In Stock   $3.99
RT17126 Remington Rem™ Squeeg-E .357/.380/.38 Caliber/ 9mm Out   $3.99
RT17128 Remington Rem™ Squeeg-E .44/.45 Caliber In Stock   $3.99
RT17122 Remington Rem Squeeg-E 7mm/.270 Caliber In Stock   $3.99

Tetra Pro Smith Premium Cleaning Rod

•Heat-treated stainless steel for maximum strength •DuPont® TufCoat™ coated •Exclusive spinning Delrin® handle •Screw-on Delrin® bushing and brass collar center rod in the barrel to prevent scaping •Fits standard accessories (8-32 thread)

FD910I Tetra Pro Smith 29 .22 Caliber Rifle Rod In Stock   $21.99
FD920I Tetra Pro Smith 29 30 Caliber Rifle Rod In Stock   $22.99
FD940I Tetra Pro Smith 34 Universal Shotgun Rod In Stock   $23.99
FD915I Tetra Pro Smith 36 .22 Caliber Rifle Rod In Stock   $22.99

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