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OCHK28205 The Outdoor Connection H&K type Hook Kit In Stock   $8.49

OC28194 A-TAC A-TAC Single Point Sling Pink In Stock $16.49  $14.49

OC28193 Outdoor Connection Max-Ops AK Sling In Stock $5.29  $4.79


OC28201 Outdoor Connection EDGE 2-Point Tactical Sling In Stock $13.49  $12.29
OC20769 Outdoor Connection Super Sling w/Detachable Swivels In Stock $16.49  $14.99

A-Tac Single Point Sling

OC28200 Outdoor Connection A-Tac Single Point Sling In Stock $16.49  $14.49

Elite Sling

OCNDS90063 Outdoor Connection Elite Sling Black In Stock   $11.49
OCNDS90081 Outdoor Connection Elite Sling Max-4 In Stock   $11.49

Express Sling

The Express Sling™ is 1” wide and is lightweight and sized to fit carbine and similar smaller rifles or shotguns. The nylon buckle is designed not to slip, yet can be easily adjusted when the sling is not taut. 54” in length. The webbing is made to military specifications and is resin treated. Solid brass Chicago Screws are black oxide finished to match your firearms features. To secure swivels to The Express Sling, tow screws are used instead of one to provide added strength. Comes with detachable swivels.

OCXP213DS Outdoor Connection Express Sling 2 w/ Detachable Swivels Black In Stock   $11.49

Express Sling 2

OCXP2BUDS Outdoor Connection Express Sling w/Detachable Swivels Mossy-Oak Break In Stock   $11.49

Padded Super Sling

OCAD20923 Outdoor Connection Padded Super Sling Advantage Max-4 In Stock   $25.99
OCAD20921 Outdoor Connection Padded Super Sling Realtree Hardwoods Green In Stock   $25.99

Raptor Sling

OCNDR90079 Outdoor Connection Raptor Sling w/ Brute Swivel APG In Stock   $13.99
OCNDR90075 Outdoor Connection Raptor Sling w/ Brute Swivels Black In Stock   $13.99
OCNDR90083 Outdoor Connection Raptor Sling w/ Brute Swivel Max-4 In Stock   $13.99

Razor Sling

OCRAZ90043 Outdoor Connection Razor Sling Black/Black In Stock   $9.99

Super Sling

OCTPHGDS Outdoor Connection Super Sling Realtree Hardwoods Green In Stock   $16.99

The Brute E-Z Detachable Sling Swivels

OCBRT79200 Outdoor Connection Brute Swivel 1 inch In Stock   $3.79

Value Sling

OC28065 Outdoor Connection Valu$ling Black In Stock   $5.99

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