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Shotshell Presses and Accessories

Load up to 200 rounds per hour. Guaranteed a full two years. Load paper and plastic shells in 6 and 8 segment crimps with trap, field and magnum loads in 2-3/4" or 3" lengths. All-nylon dies form a perfect tapered crimp every time. Built-in shot and powder baffles. Each step of the loading process ends at a positive stop and never needs adjustment. Full length sizes the entire head and rim. Extra wad guide included.

LEE90015 Lee 16 gauge Load-All II In Stock   $50.99
LEE90012 Lee 20 Gauge Load-All II In Stock   $50.99
LEE90973 Lee Shot Dipper In Stock   $2.99
LEE90069 Lee Primer Feed for Load-All II Out   $8.49
LEE90070 Lee 12 gauge Load-All II Conversion Kit In Stock   $17.49
LEE90071 Lee 16 Gauge Load-All II Conversion Kit In Stock   $17.49
LEE90072 Lee 20 gauge Load-All II Conversion Kit In Stock   $17.49

Taper Crimp Dies

LEE90412 Lee .280 Remington Quick Trim Die Body In Stock   $7.99
LEE90782 Lee 10mm Auto Taper Crimp Die In Stock   $9.49
LEE90781 Lee 38/357 Taper Crimp Die In Stock   $9.49
LEE90784 Lee 44 Special/44 Mag Taper Crimp Die In Stock   $9.49
LEE90786 Lee 45 Colt Taper Crimp Die In Stock   $9.49
LEE90785 Lee 45 ACP Taper Crimp Die In Stock   $9.49
LEE90780 Lee 9mm Luger Taper Crimp Die Out   $9.49

Universal Charging Dies

Now you can charge your rifle cases with the Auto-Disk Powder measure or powder funnel. Fits all calibers from the .22 Hornet through the .308 Winchester. Exclusive tapered drop tube speeds even large charges through the orifice without bridging.

LEE90194 Lee Rifle Charging Die In Stock   $9.99
LEE90273 Lee Universal Charging Die In Stock   $17.49

Universal Decapping Die

LEE90292 Lee Decapping Die In Stock   $9.99

Universal Expanding Die

LEE90798 Lee Universal Case Expanding Die In Stock   $11.49

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