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American Pioneer Powder

Not only do American Pioneer TM Powder Sticks TM Compressed Charges possess the advantages of being composed of a powerful, sulfurless black powder replacement, but their propietary design was invented to allow for quick and complete ignition as well as fast, easy, and consistent loading of a black powder firearm while maximizing the performance, accuracy, and dependability of the firearm. Clean up can be accomplished with ordinary tap water. ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK POWDER is added to our American Pioneer TM Powder Sticks TM Compressed charges.

IHAPP2F American Pioneer Powder Sulfurless FFG Substitute - 1lb Container In Stock   $20.49
IHAPP5050 American Pioneer Sticks - .50 caliber / 50 Grain Loads In Stock   $25.49

American Pioneer Powder in Pre-Measured Loads

American Pioneer TM Pre-measured Loads TM is a loose, grnular powder that was designed and created to be a sulfurless black powder replacement, pre-measured and pre-loaded into custom designed containers to protect the product from moisture while allowing the user to quickly and easily load this pre-measured product into their firearm. Pre-measured Loads TM provide fast and complete ignition plus delivering superior performance, accuracy, and dependability. American Pioneer TM Powder in Pre-measured Loads TM are currently available in two granule sizes (FFG and FFFG). Each container has 25 Pre-measured Loads TM in 100 grain volumetric equivalent charges.

IHAPP50150 American Pioneer Superstick 50 Cal 150 Gn Equivilent In Stock   $25.49

Jim Shockey's Gold

IHJSG2F American Pioneer Jim Shockley's Gold FFG In Stock   $23.49
IHJSG3F American Pioneer Powder Jim Shockey's Gold 3F In Stock   $23.49
IHJSG4550 American Pioneer Powder Jim Shockey's Gold Sticks 45/50 In Stock   $30.49
IHJSG5050 American Pioneer Powder Jim Shockey's Gold Sticks 50/50 - 100/ct In Stock   $30.49
IHJSG50150 American Pioneer Powder Jim Shockey's Gold Superstick 50 Cal 150 gr. In Stock   $25.49

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