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Lee Lee Loader Kits

Everything needed to load one caliber is included. Deprimes, sizes the neck to hold a new bullet, reprimes, charges and seats a new bullet. This tool is more than adequate for most shooters and is capable of producing ammunition more accurate than factory ammunition.

LEE90245 Lee Loader 308 Winchester In Stock   $26.99
LEE90258 Lee Loader 357 Magnum In Stock   $26.99
LEE90257 Lee Loader 38 Special In Stock   $26.99
LEE90260 Lee Loader 44 Magnum In Stock   $26.99
LEE90262 Lee Loader 45 ACP In Stock   $26.99
LEE90263 Lee Loader 45 Colt In Stock   $26.99
LEE90233 Lee Loader 22/250 In Stock   $26.99
LEE90248 Lee Loader 30-06 Springfield In Stock   $26.99
LEE90244 Lee Loader 30/30 Winchester In Stock   $26.99
LEE90253 Lee Loader 30 Carbine In Stock   $26.99
LEE90264 Lee Loader 45/70 Gov't In Stock   $26.99
LEE90271 Lee Loader 6.5x55 Mauser In Stock   $26.99
LEE90243 Lee Loader 7.62x54 Russian In Stock   $26.99
LEE90242 Lee Loader 7mm Remington Mag In Stock   $26.99
LEE90254 Lee Loader 9mm Luger In Stock   $26.99

Lee Load Master Accessories

LEE90079 Lee Load Master 5 Hole Turret In Stock   $10.99
LEE90077 Lee Load Master Large Primer Feed Attachment In Stock   $16.99
LEE90075 Lee Load Master Small Primer Feed In Stock   $16.99
LEE90363 Lee Load Master Primer Explosion Shield In Stock   $3.99

Lee Load Master Shell Plates

LEE90068 Lee #19L Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99
LEE90085 Lee #5A Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $9.99
LEE90059 Lee #4A Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99
LEE90907 Lee #1S Load Master Pistol Shell Plate For 38 Special/357 Magnum In Stock   $19.99
LEE90916 Lee #10L Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99
LEE90917 Lee #11L Load Master Shell Plate In Stock   $19.99

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