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Millett Millett Handgun Mounts

Handgun hunters and target shooters choose Millett scope mounts because they are rock solid and don't move when shooting the heaviest magnum loads.

MICP01917 Millett Ruger MKI & MKII 1" Low Nickel Angled-Loc Ring & Base Set In Stock   $43.59
MICP01017 Millett Ruger MKI & MKII 1" Low Smooth Angled-Loc Ring & Base Set In Stock   $38.59
MICP01019 Millett Ruger MKI & MKII 30mm Low Smooth Angled-Loc Ring & Base Set In Stock   $42.49

Millett Millett Ruger Angle-Loc Scope Rings

MIRM00911 Millett 77/22,#1,#3, Redhawk 1" HIgh Nickel Out   $27.44
MIRM00011 Millett 77/22,#1,#3,Redhawk 1 High Smooth In Stock   $24.49
MIRM00010 Millett 77/22-#1-#3 Redhawk 1 Med Smooth Out   $22.06
MIRM00014 Millett 77/22,#1,#3 Redhawk 30mm High Smooth Out   $28.02
MIRM00913 Millett 77/22,#1,#3,Redhawk 30mm Med Nickel In Stock   $33.59
MIRM00013 Millett 77/22,#1,#3,Redhawk 30mm Med Smooth Out   $28.02
MIRR77005 Millett M77/Super Redhawk 1 High Smooth Out   $24.49
MIRR77907 Millett M77/Super Redhawk 30mm High Nickel Out   $33.57
MIRR77007 Millett M77/ Super Redhawk 30mm High Smith Out   $30.99
MIRR77006 Millett M77/Super RedHawk 30mm Med Smooth In Stock   $30.99

Millett Millett Ruger Scope 1 Inch Rings

Windage Adjustable - Ruger Super Redhawk

MIRR77904 Millett M77 Super Redhawk 1 Med, Nickel Out   $22.48
MIRR77004 Millett M77 /Super Redhawk 1 Med Smooth Out   $24.49

Millett Millett See-Thru Mounts

Millett See-Thru Scope Mounts are machined from aircraft quality aluminum material to the tightest tolerances. Instead of simply being machined to fit a particular receiver's contour, all mounts feature our exclusive Sure-Fit Contact Rails. This unique three-point design accommodates any slight variation in the radius of the receiver, and provides the most rigid and accurate mounting system available.

MISE00031 Millett See-Thru Mount Firehawk/Thunderhawk Out   $16.49
MISE00006 Millett See-Thru Mount Marlin 336 Out   $16.99
MISE00009 Millett See Thru Mount Ruger 10/22 Out   $16.89
MISE00008 Millett See-Thru Mount Remington 7400/7600 Out   $16.99
MISE00001 Millett See-Thru Mount Remington 700, 721, 722, 725 In Stock   $16.99

Millett Millett Shotgun Saddle Mounts

Millett saddle mounts are custom styled for each model shotgun. The lines are smooth and trim with every bit of excess bulk removed. The operator side of the gun is completely cleared and free from obstruction. No more thumbustin' on protruding hardware. Millett saddle mounts are very easy to install and they provide a rock solid foundation for your scope or red dot sight.

MISE00045 Millett Shotgun Saddle Mount Remington 870, 1100 , 1187 20 Gauge Out   $30.99
MISE00022 Millett Shotgun Saddle Mount Mossberg 500, 5500 Out   $30.99
MISE00020 Millett Shotgun Saddle Mount Remington 870, 1100, 1187 Out   $30.99
MISE00021 Millett Shotgun Saddle Mount Winchester 1300 In Stock   $30.99
MISE00023 Millett Shotgun Saddle Mount Winchester 1500 In Stock   $30.99

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