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C'Mere Deer Attractants

QV00003 C'Mere Deer - 1 Gallon Jug Powder In Stock   $14.99
QV00005 C'Mere Deer - 1/2 Gallon Concentrate In Stock   $16.99
QV00009 C'Mere Deer - 2 Gallon Jug Powder In Stock   $28.99
QV00001 C'Mere Deer - Gallon Ready to Use Out   $12.99
QV00004 C'Mere Deer - Quart Concentrate In Stock   $13.49

Evolved Habitats Buck Jam

Buck Jam is a juicy gel-like mineral lick that is jam full of sweet fruit flavor & minerals. Deer are attracted instantly to the site, where they will begin licking & enjoying the minerals at once. The intense aromas attract and are reinforced by a flavor that keeps deer coming back...time and time again! Buck Jam is the best of two worlds: a salt based mineral lick that will pattern deer into the area & a food bait attractant that uses the daily need of food/energy...to draw deer to it.

DC41304 Evolved Habitats Buck Jam - Honey Acorn 1 Gallon 6/Case Out   $7.99
DC31303 Evolved Habitats Buck Jam - Sweet Corn - 1 Gallon 6/Case Out   $7.99
DC21303 Evolved Habitat Bug Jam - Wild Persimmon 1 Gallon 6/Case Out   $7.99

Evolved Habitats Deer co-Cain Block

DC50459 Evolved Habitats Deer Suckers Hard Candy Block Out   $11.99

Evolved Habitats Deer co-Cain Liquid Gallon

DC11394 Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Liquid 1 Gallon 6 Ca Out   $6.99

Evolved Habitats Deer co-Cain Mix

DC26592 Evolved Habitat Deer Co-Cain Mix 6 1/2 lb 6 /Case In Stock   $6.99

Evolved Habitats Hog Wild - Beast Feast

This is one attractant that will drive hogs crazy. They’ll root a hole over three feet deep to get the last grain of this attractant. We have developed an attractant that most beast love, so that you can attract many different wild animals. We have used crushed berries, molasses, grain and several secret flavoring to make the wildest attractant. Use it to top grains, feeds, entice bear, attract all types of deer, or make a hog root for hours. Many uses but one outcome... Put it out and beasts will come feast!

DC34094 Evolved Habitats Hog Wild 4 lb Bag In Stock   $7.49

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