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Advanced Technology Shotgun Stocks

ZGA1101140 ATI Tactical Shotgun Stock for 12 GA Mossberg Shotguns with Scorpion Buttpad and Recoil Grip In Stock   $105.09
ZGPGB6100 ATI Pistol Grip Buttstock and Forend In Stock   $65.99
ZGA1201155 ATI Tactical Top Folding Stock - Mossberg 500 In Stock   $67.59

Advanced Technology Tactical Rails

ZGA5102130 ATI Ruger 10/22 Aluminum Upgrade Package In Stock   $45.99

Blackhawk Stocks

XOK97001C Blackhawk Remington 700 Axiom U/L Long Action Rifle Stock In Stock   $205.49
XOK02200C Blackhawk Mossberg 550, 590 12-Gauge Breachers Grip Shotgun Stock In Stock   $73.99
XOK02100C Blackhawk Remington 870 12-Gauge Breachers Grip Shotgun Stock In Stock   $73.99
XOK05100C Blackhawk Remington 12-Gauge Compstock Shotgun Stock In Stock   $102.49
XOK01200C Blackhawk Mossberg 550, 590 Specops Folder Shotgun Stock In Stock $114.99  $84.95
XOK01100C Blackhawk Remington 870 12-Gauge Specops Folder Shotgun Stock In Stock $114.99  $84.95

CVA/Connecticut Valley Arms Accessories

CVAC29964 CVA Optima Elite™ Center-Fire Forestock – Black FG In Stock   $32.99
CVAC29863 CVA Optima™ Muzzleloader/Shotgun Forestock – Black FG In Stock   $32.99
CVAC28825 CVA Optima Elite™ Forestock for Muzzleloader,Shotgun, & Full Contour Center Fire – Realtree In Stock   $50.49
CVAC30044 CVA Optima™ Thumbhole Buttstock - Realtree In Stock   $118.82

Command Arms Accessories Butt Stock Accessories

XWACP Adjustable Cheek Rest   $21.60

Command Arms Accessories Butt Stocks & Tubes

XWCBS CBS Collapsible Buttstock w/Compartment & Rail   $54.00
XWCBST CBST 6-Position Collapsible Stock with Battery Storage   $102.38
XWSST1 M16/AR15 Stock Saddle   $24.42

Hogue Grips Hogue Recoil Pads

EZ grind and pre-sized recoil pads are made with Hogues exclusive recoil reducing cushioned elastomer bonded to a super rigid polymer alloy base plate. These new Hogue pads feature computer designed internal cushion construction combined with a super soft elastomer for the ultimate in recoil cushioning and control! The exclusive polymer alloy base plate is super strong and eliminates cracking and checking problems associated with other brands. The sleek shape of our pads is designed for use in the field where a combination of control and fast mounting is essential.

Our EZ Grind pads available in three sizes and are designed to be a round to fit using standard disk or belt sanders. Both the cushioned rubber and base plate grind very cleanly and easily blending with your wood or synthetic stock.

Our pre-sized pads are molded and pre-ground to fit most common rifles and shotguns within .050 inch for easy "do it yourself" installation, eliminating the need for costly gunsmithing!

Hogue recoil pads deliver the ultimate in recoil control. They improve your shooting comfort and accuracy while enhancing the look and feel of your gun. All at a very reasonable price!

HA07731 Hogue Grips Winchester 1300 EZ Pre-Sized Recoil Pad, Wood Brown In Stock   $23.79
HA07741 Hogue Grips Winchester Classic EZ Pre-Sized Recoil Pad, Wood Brown In Stock   $23.79
HA07710 Hogue Grips Winchester 70 Feather Weight EZ Pre-Sized Recoil Pad, Wood Black In Stock   $23.79

Hogue Grips Hogue Shotgun Stocks

HA08710 Hogue Grips Remington 870 OverMolded Shotgun Stock In Stock   $43.99
HA05032 Hogue Mossberg 500 OverMolded™ Shotgun Stock kit with Forend - 12" L.O.P. In Stock   $57.99
HA77001 Hogue Grips Ruger 77 MKII Long Action Standard Barrel Pillar Bed Stock In Stock   $98.99
HA77021 Hogue Grips Ruger 77 MKII Long Action "B" Barrel Pillar Bed Stock In Stock   $98.99

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