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QXBRL16CM455 16 INCH CARBINE 5.56 BARREL In Stock   $210.99
QXBRL16MG556 16 INCH MID 5.56 BARREL In Stock   $148.84

Butler Creek 10/22 LR Target & Magnum Barrels

Our full line of steel .920 barrels are the best value on in the market. They combine special bore & groove ratios with our exclusive Super Match Chamber and recessed target crown to provide excellent accuracy with a variety of target or standard ammo. We consistently shoot MOA groups(1/2"@ 50 yds) with certain quality target ammo. These barrels really improve the accuracy of the standard factory barrels and will provide thousands of rounds of shooting pleasure. The new 10/22 Magnum barrels in both blue smooth & blued fluted, are .920 barrels with recessed target crowns, 22 WMR chambers, 1/16' twist and SAAMI bore & groove dimensions. These heavy barrels reduce muzzle jump.

BC43031 Butler Creek Tactical One Piece Flip Up Scope Cover 30/31 Rubber Black In Stock   $14.49


CA30DF80A LE Barrel 16" 300 ACC Blackout Strip In Stock   $144.49
CVBAR16M4H8N 16 M4 Hvy Brl 1.8 Twist Nitrite In Stock   $198.08
CVBAR16M4H8S 16 M4 Hvy Brl 1.8 Twist SS In Stock   $190.15
CVBAR16M4L8S 16 M4 Lgt Wt Brl 1.8 Twist SS In Stock   $190.15
CVBAR20HM8N 20 Hvy Mat Brl 1.8 Twist Nit Fin In Stock   $190.15

CVA/Connecticut Valley Arms

CVCB4600 OPTIMA ELITE BARREL 24 BL 7MM/08 In Stock   $173.33
CVRB3000N OPTIMA PRO BARREL 29 NK/FLT .50 In Stock   $183.07

CVA/Connecticut Valley Arms Barrels

CVCB5100 CVA Optima Elite™ 20ga, 24" Blued Barrel In Stock   $173.49

Ed Brown Match Grade 5" Drop-In Barrel Kit

EB92545 Ed Brown Barrel Govt 45 Acp 5 In Stock   $248.69


EE40432 Ruger 10/22 Barrel .920 18 BLD In Stock   $127.49
EE40433 Ruger 10/22 Barrel .920 18 Stainless Steel In Stock   $155.99
EE40434 Ruger 10/22® .920" .22LR 18" Blued Fluted Barrel In Stock   $165.99
EE40435 Ruger 10/22® .920" .22LR 18" Stainless Fluted Barrel In Stock   $197.99


GLSP08679 .357 SIG BARREL 3.5' FOR GL 27 In Stock   $164.99
GLSP08651 .357SIG BARREL FOR MODEL 31 In Stock   $164.99

Glock Accessories

GLSP03570 Glock Model 17 9mm Replacement 4.5" Barrel In Stock   $164.99
GLSP03577 Glock Model 19 9mm Replacement 4" Inch Barrel In Stock   $164.99
GLSP04466 Glock Model 23 .40 S&W Replacement 4" Inch Barrel In Stock   $164.99
GLSP04452 Glock Model 22 .40 S&W Replacement 4.5 " Inch Barrel In Stock   $164.99
GLSP06012 Glock Model 26 9mm Replacement 3.5" Inch Barrel In Stock   $164.99

Green Mountain Knight Ruger 10/22 Replacement Barrels

The addition to the Green Mountain line are these Ruger¨ 10/22 Replacement Barrels. The alloy barrels are made from 4140 chrome molly while the stainless barrels are constructed of 416 stainless. Every Green Mountain 10/22 barrel goes through rigorous inspection to assure you of unmatched quality. A Bentz semi-auto match chamber is used for enhanced quality. The .920 heavy Green Mountain 10/22 rifle barrel is offered in blued or stainless steel and plain or fluted.

GQ901522 Green Mountain 10/22 Barrel Target Blue Fluted In Stock   $137.98
GQ901523 Green Mountain 10;22 Barrel Target STS Fluted In Stock   $157.99

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